Fans Think Janelle Brown Is Too Good For Kody, Here’s Why

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Janelle Brown has always been the most independent and strong-willed sister wife. She knows how to be financially independent and fend for herself. Though some revelations have been made about her marriage to Kody, she remains committed to her plural family. Yet fans are questioning why she sticks around when they feel she is too good for him.

Janelle Brown-Master Of Her Own Life

When Sister Wives began in 2010, Janelle was introduced as the second wife. She came in three years after Kody married his first wife Meri. Janelle was actually Meri’s sister-in-law for a short time but that marriage did not work out. She realized she liked the idea of being involved in a plural marriage despite not growing up in the lifestyle. In 1994, she gave birth to the first Brown child, Logan. Aside from bringing in size children, she also always brought in a steady income. Though Meri worked some, the weight usually landed on Kody and Janelle’s shoulders. It was fine for Janelle because she loved to work, as she noted in the series premiere. That was where she thrived and she was grateful to have a sister wife like Christine who could do all of the homemaker stuff she did not care for.

Janelle Brown - Kody Brown Sister Wives Youtube
Janelle Brown – Kody Brown Sister Wives Youtube

Over time, Janelle went from working a basic office job to getting her real estate license with Christine. She pursued that life but eventually used her business sense to start her own wellness business. Strive with Janelle began and along with that, she got involved with an MLM. During the pandemic, Kody was reluctant to spend much time at her home because she had, what he deemed to be “disobedient” children. It was not safe enough yet she stood up to his antics and reminded him she would always put her kids first. Above that, she found things and people that made her happy and fulfilled. Yet, fans still believe she is too good for a life with him.

Fans Think It’s Time For An Exit

Janelle Brown has found peace in her life in small ways. She loves spending time with her grandchildren, binge-watching Amazon, and her pup. According to Christine, who officially left Kody in late 2021, Janelle is fine without a man. However, a Reddit thread was started over how fans want better for Janelle. In fact, they are begging her to just leave because she deserves more than what Kody gives her. After all, he did admit that he is not in love with her in the Season 16 tell-all. Though he claimed the feeling was mutual, she has still tried to make it look like everything is all fine and dandy.

Janelle Brown Instagram
Janelle Brown Instagram

“You deserve happiness and true love! I know you or someone you are close to reads these posts and we want better for you and your kids. Leave this toxic relationship for good!” one Redditor commented. Another added: If she does read this, I want to say something that has nothing to do with her leaving, but only that she is badass. Since the beginning, she was my fave. Strong, smart, funny, beautiful, not centering her whole life around a husband or children, but glad to have them all the same.” Some think she just stays because she loves the property and is content with what she has. If that is the case, more power to her.

Do you think Janelle is too good for Kody and should leave or stay if this is where she fits in? Let us know in the comments.

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