‘SW’ Janelle Brown’s Optimistic View, Is It Real Or Fake?

Janelle Brown via YouTube 2

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown almost always seems like she has it all together. She doesn’t show negative emotion very often. She has an optimistic attitude and fans have wondered if it’s real or if it’s all a front. The other wives have no qualms about showing their emotions. So, many think Janelle is secretly depressed amid all the tension surrounding the plural family over the past year. Keep reading to find out why fans are feeling this way.

Is Janelle Brown secretly depressed?

ScreenRant shared why fans think Janelle Brown is secretly depressed. Since Christine Brown left Kody Brown, fans started to believe that Janelle might be next. She has admitted that she questioned if she should remain a part of the plural family.

Things have been tense between her and Kody since the pandemic brought on so many rules. The families were rarely seeing each other over the past year and gatherings were nonexistent. Kody was mostly with Robyn and had his falling outs with Janelle over their children refusing to follow his overbearing rules.

Janelle Brown via youtube 1
Janelle Brown via youtube 1

Still, Janelle has stayed. However, she did purchase the RV she lived in away from Kody. She chose to live simply and got a loan to pay for the mobile home herself. Is it living the simple life that has kept Janelle optimistic and stable or is she really depressed as some fans think?

Meri and Christine both were hurt and lonely by Kody’s neglect since marrying Robyn. He seemingly pushed his first three wives under the bus and took any opportunity he could to be with Robyn. While Meri and Christine were depressed throughout the years, Janelle has always remained optimistic. However, many think that’s just a front.

Joining the plural family

It was complicated when Janelle first joined the family. She was originally married to Meri’s brother. Therefore Meri wasn’t quite as welcoming when Janelle first came along. In fact, one fan noted a time when Janelle said, “I felt like a long-term visitor, an eternal houseguest instead of a wife.”

Janelle has tried to keep the peace and remain on Kody’s good side. However, she does slip from time to time especially since the pandemic changed all of their lives. Fans think she’s hiding her true feelings. In a recent episode, Janelle told Kody To “F Off”. That was the first time fans really saw Janelle get that heated.

Janelle Most Positive Of All The Wives?

Of all the wives, Janelle remains very level-headed and tries to stay positive. So while Janelle has every reason to be depressed, she does things that point to the contrary.

Plus, while many think she was on the verge of leaving Kody, she was just talking about building her house on Coyote Pass. It doesn’t seem Kody’s second wife has given up on her marriage just yet. Janelle never has been a quitter. She Is doing her Plexus business and traveling a lot. Mrs. Brown still seems intact contrary to what some fans think they see.

What do you think? Is Janelle secretly depressed or just really level-headed?


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