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Fans Appalled Over Audrey Roloff’s Chaotic Living Quarters

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Jeremy Roloff’s wife Audrey may have overshared with her latest Instagram Stories updates about her vacation to Hawaii. She explained that everyone was on a walk and Radley was snoozing in the room. Turns out, they were crammed into a pretty small hotel room for the first portion of their trip.

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This hotel room was completely free (paid for by Young Living). She explained they would be staying in two AirBnBs during their stay as well. So, unpacking and getting organized didn’t make a lot of sense to her or Jeremy. Furthermore, Audrey Roloff added that neither she nor Jeremy are particularly organized or tidy individuals.

Audrey proceeded to add a trigger warning before she panned the camera around her hotel room and revealed absolute chaos.

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Audrey Roloff tries to relate to her followers

The former LPBW star added a poll to her Instagram Stories and asked if her followers could relate to the messy and cluttered hotel room. She pointed out that a family of five being crammed into a small hotel room in combination with having three children under four just makes things difficult.

Unfortunately for Audrey Roloff, her followers did NOT find her post to be relatable. Many of her followers noted that they would not be alright with their hotel room looking so chaotic. Audrey later revealed she had someone message her to argue people without small children were the ones voting “no” on her poll. The former TLC personality agreed that was probably the case.

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Jeremy Roloff’s wife catches heat for the chaos

On RedditLPBW fans noted there were no excuses for their hotel room to look like that. Fans appreciated the family was having a good time on the trip, but they questioned if they’d ever gone on a vacation before with the way they left the room. Others noted they really should have skipped the free room and gotten something that was more suited for a family of five.

There were a few individuals who pointed out Young Living discourages their salespeople from bringing children on the free trips. So, that is why they are booked in such small hotel rooms.

How do you feel about Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s chaotic and messy hotel room? Do you think there is justification for it looking so bad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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