Molly Roloff’s Husband Makes Rare Appearance On Instagram

Amy Roloff - Instagram

The only person LPBW fans see less than Molly Roloff is her husband, Joel Silvius. As Little People, Big World fans know, Molly Roloff walked away from the series. Unlike her siblings, however, she opted not to continue to have any part of the spotlight. She has no public social media profile and fans rarely get updates on where she is or how she’s doing. Occasionally she surfaces in a photo with her mother Amy or one of her siblings. But, it is pretty rare that fans get to see her. The last time fans saw both Molly and her husband was during Amy’s wedding

At the time, it was Isabel Roloff who shared a photo with Molly and her husband Joel Silvius. Isabel later deleted the photo. But, not before it made rounds on fan groups and Reddit. Unfortunately, once something is posted on the internet, it is never truly deleted.

LPBW - Jacob Roloff- Isabel Roloff - Moly Roloff - Joel Silvius Instagram
LPBW – Jacob Roloff- Isabel Roloff – Moly Roloff – Joel Silvius Instagram

Molly Roloff and husband Joel Silvius surface in rare photo

LPBW fans already knew Amy Roloff went on a road trip to see her daughter Molly. She took to Instagram to announce she was stopping for a coffee before making a six-hour road trip to spend time with her family. What fans didn’t know at the time was the fact that Isabel, Jacob, and their son Mateo would also be joining them for Easter weekend.

Amy Roloff shared tons of photos from Easter weekend, but fans were a bit surprised to see Molly and her husband Joel in so many of them.

Amy Roloff - Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

Joel hangs with Jacob Roloff in rare snap

Four photos into Amy Roloff’s collection was a photo of Molly’s husband hanging out with Jacob. Both Joel and Jacob were sitting on a bench surrounded by dogs. Joel was pretty bundled up with both a baseball cap and a hood over his head. Jacob had his long hair pulled back and wasn’t wearing a hat of any kind, so it was much easier to see his face even though the photo was snapped from a distance.

Three photos into the collection, there was also a family photo containing the entire clan including Mateo and two dogs.

Amy Roloff - Instagram
Amy Roloff – Instagram

LPBW thank Amy for this look at Molly Roloff’s husband

Little People, Big World fans appreciated getting to see Amy Roloff hang out with Molly and her husband. Over 32,000 of her 1.4 million followers showered the post with likes. Amy also had about 300 comments from fans gushing over the photos.

Were you surprised to see Molly Roloff and her husband in so many of these photos? Let us know in the comments!

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