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Molly & Amy Roloff All Smiles In Rare Snapshot

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Despite walking away from reality TV and moving a distance away, Molly Roloff and her mother Amy still manage to keep in touch. Amy Roloff took to Instagram at the end of last week to announce she was taking off on a bit of a road trip to be with her daughter and her husband. Turns out, it was a six-hour road trip. So, she grabbed a cup of coffee before she hit the road.

Now, Amy Roloff surprised everyone when she took to Instagram this weekend and shared nine different photos of the time she spent with Molly. What really surprised fans was how many of the photos Molly was actually in. This included the first photo which featured Amy Roloff beaming with joy as she stood next to her beautiful daughter.

LPBW Molly Roloff - Amy Roloff - Youtube
Molly Roloff – Amy Roloff – Youtube

Molly and Amy Roloff all smiles in sweet selfie

The first of nine photos Amy Roloff shared on Instagram featured her and her daughter with huge smiles on their faces. Molly sported a black jacket with a sherpa interior that included a sherpa hood she had pulled up over her head. Molly stood behind her mother and leaned in some so she wasn’t hovering over her so much for the selfie. Amy Roloff rocked a gorgeous, vibrant red and pink floral top with a black jacket on top to keep warm.

Both Amy and her daughter Molly had massive pearly white smiles on their faces as the photo was snapped. It was clear they had a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoyed getting to spend some time together.

LPBW fans react to the collection of photos

Amy Roloff’s post was liked over 30,000 times by her Instagram followers. Isabel Roloff was also among those who liked the post. Some of the later photos revealed Molly also got to spend some time hanging out with her nephew, Mateo. As fans have come to expect, Mateo’s face was completely covered in the few photos he was included in.

Amy Roloff - Instagram
Amy  – Instagram

Many fans noted Molly Roloff and her mother looked absolutely beautiful in the photos. Others praised Jacob and Molly as Amy’s “rebel kids.” Overall, fans really appreciated this update and enjoyed getting to see some rare snapshots of Molly Roloff hanging out with the family.

Do you think it is sweet that Amy shared so many photos of Molly on Instagram? Do you think she gets her permission before doing so? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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