Temptation Island: Gillian Lieberman Teases Finale? [Credit: YouTube]

‘Temptation Island’ Shocker: Gillian Lieberman Teases Finale?

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Temptation Island aired its plot twist episode last week. However, the ultimate plot twist hasn’t been revealed until now. The fourth season has been delivering on its messiness. Most of the relationships are crumbling because of the tempting singles on both sides of the island.

Gillian Lieberman revealed a huge spoiler on Instagram. She did a Q&A with her fans. During the conversation, she talked about her feelings for Edgar De Santiago. She also spilled a major spoiler, which might not happen until the final few episodes.

So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, please don’t read the rest of this article.

Gillian Lieberman is over Edgar De Santiago

Normally the contestants on Temptation Island aren’t allowed to share spoilers. But that happened when Gillian held a Q&A on her Instagram Stories. She answered fans’ questions about her relationship with Edgar and her time on the show.

At first, it seemed like Gillian had the hots for Tommy Soltis. The two were getting close. They even made out and shared the same bed. Gillian and Tommy looked like they were hooking up underneath the sheets. But she was only enjoying his attention since she was clearly over her relationship with Edgar.

Temptation Island: Gillian Is Over Edgar [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Gillian’s boyfriend feels the same way. He revealed in his confessional on Temptation Island that he was done with Gillian. Edgar couldn’t believe what he saw during the bonfire. He witnessed his girlfriend getting busy with another man. The young man cried during his confessional and said that he thought they were on this island for a specific reason.

Gillian dropped the hints that she was over him. During her Instagram Q&A, a fan asked her how she felt about Edgar’s confessional. During the previous Temptation Island bonfire, she looked like she was over it.

“Definitely very hurtful to see. But everyone’s feelings are valid and each of us has to choose how we’d like to express them,” Gillian said.

Temptation Island Season 4 plot twist: Gillian falls in love with a woman?

She continued to answer questions from Temptation Island fans. She even suggested that she could leave the island with a woman. One fan noticed the flirtatious banter between Gillian and Iris Jardiel. They asked her why they aren’t together yet.

“Please, you are spoiling the ending!” Gillian teased.

She also shared a photo of the two partying together. Iris has been embracing her inner party girl while on the island. She’s even made out with Ashley Rodriguez and Ash Jamiroult. Gillian and Iris have yet to kiss on camera yet, but she wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.

Temptation Island Gillian Teases Ending [Credit: Gillian Lieberman/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Gillian Lieberman/Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Gillian’s response? Do you think she’ll leave the island with a woman? It would be the first in Temptation Island history. Sound off below in the comment section.

Temptation Island Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the USA Network.

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