Exclusive Preview: ‘Harry Wild’ Jane Seymour and Rohan Nedd’s Website Brings Business

Fergus Reid’s not old enough to open a business account, but in TV Shows Ace’s exclusive preview of AcornTV’s Harry Wild streaming on Monday, he’s adept at getting clients to cut checks for Harriet Wild’s retainer fees.

In an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of Acorn TV’s new murder mystery series Harry Wild, streaming Monday, April 25th, Rohan Nedd’s charming character Fergus explains to Jane Seymour’s Harry that he has excellent detective skills.

He knows his way around creating a website that Harry finds out after a new client, Miss Henderson, hands her a $5000 check.

“How did you manage this?” Harry asks.

“It’s actually easier than you think, you know,” says Fergus. “You just fill out a few forms online, and then you watch a YouTube tutorial on search engine optimization.”

About Harry Wild

Harry Wild is a new mystery drama that stars Jane Seymour. Pic credit: Acorn TV

Jane Seymour has created yet another memorable television character with Harriet “Harry” Wild, a retiring university literature professor now at a personal crossroads who discovers she has a knack for solving a mystery.

Surviving a mugging, Harry is recovering in the home of her son, Charlie (Kevin Ryan), a senior police detective.

This circumstance leads a healing Harry to butt in a bit thanks to her academic accomplishments as a Lit professor, interfering with his cases as she notices the murder he is investigating shares some similarities to a lesser-known Elizabethan play. Nevertheless, Harry is fully energized and intrigued.

When her path crosses that of her mugger, Fergus Reid (Nedd), Harry looks past his crimes against her, and her teaching instincts kick in. She decides to mentor this troubled teen and enlists him as her sidekick instead of pressing charges.

The Mystery of Granny Susan’s Fun Time Wig

In this coming episode, a matriarch of a wealthy Dublin family is strangled and murdered during a video call in front of her shocked relatives.

Now the dead woman’s daughter Miss Henderson employs the services of the newly formed Wild/Reid Detective Agency, thanks to Fergus’ webmaster skills.

The agency is Fergus’ brainchild, and Harry is surprised at how effective at drawing a viable client it is and sees more potential in her young partner.

Of the premiere, AcornTV says:

It quickly becomes apparent that the motive for the murder was the sizeable inheritance but as everyone who stands to benefit was on the video call at the time of the killing how could one of them have been the killer?

Acorn TV’s new murder mystery series Harry Wild streams on Monday, April 25th.


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