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Isabel Roloff Mourns Loss, Asks Instagram For Advice

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Isabel Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to tell her followers she was gutted and mourning a loss. After getting candid with her followers, she proceeded to ask for some advice on how to move forward. What was it that had Jacob Roloff’s wife so emotional? What was she mourning? Keep reading for the details.

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Isabel Roloff mourns loss, struggles with change

Isabel and Jacob Roloff made the decision to keep their son Mateo off social media. As time passed, the couple clarified what they meant is they would not post his face on Instagram. They show photos of him from behind or photos of various body parts. But, fans have no idea what Mateo Roloff looks like.

Matt Roloff Instagram

In many of the pictures including him, Mateo Roloff is wearing an adorable teddy bear outfit. The outfit looks furry and has a hood completely with teddy bear ears. This particular outfit was something the couple fell in love with as Mateo wore it a lot. Turns out, Mateo actually had more than one of the same teddy bear outfit. Isabel explained that she got the same outfit in more than one size because of how much she liked it.

Sadly, change and the passage of time caught up with Isabel. Mateo Roloff has outgrown both of her teddy bear outfits. Isabel Roloff admitted she was a bit emotional as she mourned the loss of the teddy bear outfit. She wasn’t ready to give it up. Suffering this loss, however, made Isabel Roloff realize something. So, she turned to her Instagram followers for advice.

Isabel Roloff Instagram Mourns Loss Of Teddy

Jacob’s wife seeks advice from her Instagram followers

Losing the teddy bear outfit made Isabel Roloff realize she didn’t have as much properly sized clothing for Mateo. So, she was going to need to do some shopping to get him some more clothing. Jacob Roloff’s wife proceeded to lean on her followers for advice. She asked them for tips on what baby clothing stores they preferred to shop at. Where should she turn to get some more clothing for Mateo as he continues to grow?

Do you understand why Isabel Roloff got so emotional over this loss? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.

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