‘LPBW’ Isabel Roloff Has Urge To Steal At Restaurant?

Isabel Roloff, LPBW Jacob Roloff Instagram

LPBW family member Isabel Roloff usually doesn’t seem to take too many risks. But now, she’s admitting that she wanted to steal something while dining at a restaurant. What is Jacob Roloff’s wife talking about, and what made her make such a comment online?

If you are an LPBW fan and follow Isabel on social media, you probably know that most of her content is about her feelings, her role as a new mom, and similar topics. She doesn’t typically talk about stealing things, so her most recent post might come as a surprise.

Based on what she usually posts online, it seems unlikely that she would want to take anything that didn’t belong to her. But there’s something she wanted badly enough to make this comment online and share it with her many followers.

Scroll down to see the item Isabel Roloff considered taking home with her.

Isabel Roloff, LPBW Jacob Roloff Instagram

LPBW: Is Isabel Roloff attempting to steal something?

On her Instagram stories, LPBW Isabel Roloff revealed her urge to steal something. Someone took a photo of her as she sipped a cup of coffee while dining at a restaurant. When Isabel shared the photo later, she wrote, “Wanted to steal this mug.”

The mug is white with a red rim. On the center of one side of the mug, there’s a framed illustration of a cow with a red and white tile border and a grassy background.

She added, “This is a vegan pumpkin waffle & it is as good as it looks.”

You can check out the mug, as well as the waffle, in the photo below.

Isabel Roloff Instagram (LPBW)

So, fortunately, it doesn’t look like Isabel Roloff actually decided to take something that wasn’t hers. But she did want to share this adorable cow mug with LPBW fans. Based on what fans have seen from Isabel on social media and what her personality appears to be, it would be quite a big surprise if she did actually steal something.

But if she did something like this, she likely wouldn’t broadcast it to everyone on social media. Maybe Isabel will find a similar mug and purchase it for her own collection. It looks like she enjoyed her breakfast with a yummy, warm drink and a delicious pumpkin pancake.

So, do you also love this mug that Isabel Roloff is using? Do you blame her for making this comment? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest LPBW news.

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