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Mama June Busted For Bamboozling Fans

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Mama June was recently BUSTED by fans for attempting to bamboozle them. What did she do? Keep reading for the details.

Mama June pushes weight loss product

WeTV star Mama June Shannon posted a few pictures of herself pushing a weight loss product she’s partnered with. The idea behind the post was a before and after Instagram post showing off the weight the product could help her fans and followers lose.

She penned in the caption of her Instagram post: “Cravings are out ‘cause bikini season is coming ladies! These shots help with hitting those goals and crushing cravings.”

In an effort to showcase how much the product had helped her lose weight, she showed two snapshots of herself rocking the same outfit. Response to the photos in the comments, however, weren’t buying it. They were quick to point out that Mama June Shannon was trying to bamboozle them. Some added what made this even worse was the product she was pushing was known to be dangerous.

Fans blast the WeTV star for trying to bamboozle then

In the comments, Mama June’s fans were quick to point out that she had her stomach pushed out in the first picture. In the second photo, she appeared to suck her stomach in and pull her pants up. Fans noted her belly button “disappeared” in the second photo.

Fans agreed the real key piece of evidence she was trying to bamboozle them was her hands. More specifically, her fingers. Fans noted she had a broken nail in the first picture. In the second picture, the same nail was also broken. If the photos were really before and after photos of her showing off weight loss, she would not have the same broken nail.

Mama June Instagram

Here’s some of what fans said in the comments: 

One fan penned: “Are these pix supposed to sell the product?”

“I’m sorry but this makes me not want to buy it , along with Danielle’s ads from 90 day.” Another chimed in.

A third added: “So you’re telling me that you didn’t fix that missing nail for the entire time between your before and after shots?”

“Oh Lord. What was she thinking? No one looking at these pictures would ever buy that crap.” A fourth fan agreed.

Credit: Mama June/Instagram
Credit: Mama June/Instagram

The general consensus in the comments was simple. Fans believed Mama June was trying to bamboozle them into thinking this product actually worked. They accused her of faking a before and after picture. And, they questioned how she thought these pictures would encourage anyone to buy the product.

Did you see Mama June Shannon’s post promoting this product? What do you think of her before and after photos? Do you think she faked them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Mama June pix. Must be the same one look at that belly in 2nd pic. Looks like she lost NO WEIGHT. Looks like the
    product doesn’t work.

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