‘NCIS’ Adds New Character Guaranteed To Unhinge Parker’s Serenity


NCIS is about to throw a wrench in NCIS Special Agent Alden Parker’s (Gary Cole) zen-like calm. They are adding a reoccurring character to the CBS series that should stir up the secretive agent’s personal and professional life.

Here are all the details.

NCIS Adding New Reoccurring Character To Series

On Thursday, CBS announced that their most popular drama, NCIS is adding a reoccurring character. According to Deadline, Teri Polo will be portraying Vivian Kolchak. She is a paranormal investigator working for the Defense Department.

Oh yeah, and she is NCIS Special Agent Alden Parker’s ex-wife.

It turns out that she is a former FBI agent. However, after her divorce from Parker, she took her current position.

Moreover, Polo will appear in the final episode of Season 19. Therefore, she will continue in a reoccurring capacity for the upcoming Season 20.

On Thursday, Katrina Law shared on Instagram that they just completed filming Season 19. Teri Polo’s appearance will be sometime in May.

NCIS Team-https://www.instagram.com/p/CY7hqNQvf2d/
NCIS Team-https://www.instagram.com/p/CY7hqNQvf2d/

Who Is Teri Polo?

New NCIS star Teri Polo has been in a cornucopia of roles. She has starred in The Big Leap, Good Trouble, Meet The Parents film series, and Hallmark’s JL Family Ranch 2.

Polo is also in the upcoming psychological thriller, The Ravine. This also stars Eric Dane (Euphoria), and Peter Facinelli (The Vanished), this thriller will be released in theaters and on VOD on May 6.

Photo: Teri Polo Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Michael Larsen
Photo: Teri Polo Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Michael Larsen

Fans Want Mark Harmon Back For NCIS Season 20

Although NCIS seems to have a very cohesive cast since Mark Harmon left early in Season 19, fans are still asking Gibbs to return. Social media is inundated with posts asking for his return. He is still a show executive producer. In addition, he is in the show’s credits. Therefore, he may be gone now, but he could return at any time. Even in a cameo appearance.

However, NCIS has had solid numbers despite the loss of the OG star. Moreover, Katrina Law and Gary Cole have added new energy to the series.

When CBS renewed the series for Season 20, CBS Entertainment president, Kelly Kahl reiterated the show’s popularity by pointing out that NCIS is “one of the most popular and enduring series in the world.”

How popular? According to Deadline, not only is the series the number one Nielsen broadcast series, the move to Monday night has increased its rating by 149 percent.

The crossover episode with NCIS: Hawaii was fun and successful. The series has a lot of freshness despite two decades of dominating television.

But the biggest indicator is social media. NCIS has about 95.8 billion potential social media impressions. This show ain’t going anywhere anytime soon.

NCIS Airs on Monday nights on CBS.

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  1. That’s true, because Mark is the soul of NCIS and an AMAZING actor. Therefore, Gibbs should occasionally return in S20. He has a vision, is a true coach and teacher, and has special connections in the Navy, so let him with work with Dr. Confalone or Vance or etc.etc. be creative

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