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‘MAFS’: Find Out Why Social Media Caused Fight Between Noi & Steve

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MAFS Season 14 has had a ton of drama. It seems all of the couples have had lots of issues. However, out of all the couples, Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak have been the strongest. This doesn’t mean they haven’t had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the season. One of their fights has been about social media. Keep reading to find out more.

MAFS couple Steve and Noi argued over social media

ScreenRant shared what happened between Steve and Noi on Married at First Sight. It seems that something Noi posted got Steve very upset. What happened?

Noi has been upset continuously about Steve not having a steady job. Fans seemed to understand her side of that argument. Some think perhaps he has a large savings account which is why he’s not concerned about finding a job immediately. Others think she may be onto something and should be concerned.

While fans tended to take Noi’s side for the job argument, many took Steve’s side for the social media disagreement.

Noi and Steve via YouTube
Noi and Steve via YouTube

It seems when Noi burned Steve’s noodles and left their shared apartment without giving him any warning, it caused more issues. Noi had gone to social media to share a cryptic post that really had Steve angry. The posts appeared to be about their marriage and indicated she deserved better.

Noi has her Instagram set to private and so only her followers which is less than 500 would see her story. However, Steve was still upset because he felt she was revealing personal things about their relationship.

She argued the post never said his name specifically. Steve argued back that it was implied and she was still sharing personal information. This led Noi to think he was telling her what she can and cannot post.

Where are they headed?

Although Steve and Noi have been the strongest couple of the season with the highest chance of success, many wonder if this will break them. The MAFS couple has a lot to work out before decision day.

They both have very different communication styles. Steve wants to work through their issues immediately while Noi tends to run away.

Will they be able to work things out and stay married? Keep watching to find out. Decision day is coming soon.

What do you think about Steve and Noi? Will they stay married or get divorced?

Stay tuned for more updates.




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