Janelle Brown Once Bashed ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ & Here’s Why

Janelle Brown from TLC

Janelle Brown may be in a polygamous family of her own. However, she still has something to say about another TLC polygamist show.

But Janelle wasn’t just being catty when Seeking Sister Wife debuted. She actually thought it was an attack on her own religious beliefs. Keep reading to see why Seeking Sister Wife bothered Janelle Brown so much.

Polygamy isn’t just a lifestyle for Janelle Brown — it’s a religion

If you’ve kept up with the Brown family for a while, then you know they are part of the Apostolic United Brethren. In a nutshell, they belong to a sect of Mormonism that allows them to practice polygamy. They believe that a man needs at least three wives to have his own personal planet in the afterlife. All his wives will join him when they pass away too, as long as the church spiritually seals them.

Janelle Brown isn’t just a sister wife because she thought it sounded interesting — it’s actually a core part of her religious beliefs. And that’s where her issues with Seeking Sister Wife came from.

As we previously noted, Seeking Sister Wife is more about families that just want another wife in the house. Some of the families featured on Seeking Sister Wife are religious, but they do it much differently than the Browns do. They don’t even have a formal courting period, which Janelle definitely took issue with.

At the time, a lot of fans readily agreed with Janelle. Polygamy is never something a person should enter into lightly. At the end of the day, Janelle Brown felt like the show was disrespecting their culture and religious lifestyle.

What do you think? Does Janelle have a point here? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Life as a sister wife definitely has its ups and downs

These days, Janelle Brown really enjoys being a happy mother and grandmother. Many Sister Wives fans thought she might follow Christine after she left the family. However, it seems like Janelle is going to stay put — for now.

Her family and side hustles bring Janelle a lot of fulfillment. As she noted in her book, being a sister wife isn’t always easy. One Reddit thread pointed out a passage from Janelle’s book where she discussed her life as a new sister wife — and it was much less than spectacular.

Janelle Brown/TLC

“I didn’t know when I married Kody what a struggle that first year would be,” the second Brown wife wrote. “I moved into the house with him and Meri and lived in their guest room. I felt like a long-term visitor, an eternal houseguest instead of a wife.”

“Meri and Kody were still very much in love and they had no idea how to incorporate me into their lives,” Janelle continued. “I had no idea where I fit into the marriage. When we watched movies they would sit on the couch and hold hands under a blanket and I’d sit in my own chair.”

After realizing all of this, it seems clear that Janelle Brown might not be so interested in being a sister wife if it wasn’t for her religious convictions.

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