Janelle Brown Was Just Meri & Kody’s ‘Eternal House Guest’?

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Without a doubt, becoming a new bride in a polygamist household is extremely difficult. How are you supposed to adapt and grow in your marriage when there are other wives living in the house? This is the exact predicament Janelle Brown found herself in when she became Kody Brown’s second wife.

She did already know Meri Brown — but that didn’t really help things. Reddit fans pointed out an interesting except from Janelle’s book when she became Kody’s second wife. Keep reading to see what they found.

Janelle Brown had trouble fitting into Kody and Meri’s happy home

Any new wife would definitely have a difficult time adjusting to a polygamist household. But one Reddit thread pointed out that Janelle Brown never felt like anything more than a house guest.

“I don’t know much about polygamy but I know this just wouldn’t be right,” wrote the original poster. They posted an excerpt from Janelle’s book that highlights her feelings:

“I didn’t know when I married Kody what a struggle that first year would be,” Janelle writes in her book. “I moved into the house with him and Meri and lived in their guest room. I felt like a long-term visitor, an eternal houseguest instead of a wife.”

“Meri and Kody were still very much in love and they had no idea how to incorporate me into their lives,” she continued. “I had no idea where I fit into the marriage. When we watched movies they would sit on the couch and hold hands under a blanket and I’d sit in my own chair.”

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Kody Brown notoriously plays favorites with his wives, but this passage really broke fans’ hearts. Janelle may like her independence, but this was all too much.

“I’m a more independent than average woman and I would last less than a minute in this situation,” wrote one user.

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The Sister Wives star adjusts to her new lifestyle

Janelle Brown may have an independent streak, but she’s really loving her life as an entrepreneur and grandmother. It doesn’t really seem like she needs Kody for much these days.

She frequently posts photos of her grandchildren, Axel and Evie, on her Instagram page.


Life isn’t always easy, but Janelle Brown remains motivated and eager to succeed in life. According to Janelle, her two grandchildren help keep her moving.

“These two are why I am motivated to take care of myself. I love watching them grow up and being a part of their lives! Find your motivation and become the best version of yourself 👏❤️” she captioned a sweet photo of herself and her grandkids.

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