‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Grandson The Next Top Model

Janelle Brown from Instagram

Janelle Brown takes a lot of pride in her family. But does her little grandson Axel have what it takes to become the next top model?

Keep reading to learn more about the adorable photo his mother Maddie Brush took recently.

Janelle Brown’s grandson Axel strikes a pose while playing

Janelle Brown has two adorable grandchildren through her daughter, Maddie Brush. Axel will be 5 years old next month and little Evie is 2. She definitely enjoys being a grandmother and sharing tender moments with the little kids.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Maddie also loves keeping up with the kids and had a lot of fun with Axel recently. The two were playing outside when Maddie decided to take a photo.

In the photo, Axel is sitting on the ground and leaning up against a tree. He strikes a pose by stretching out one leg and gazing off into the distance, as if deep in thought.

“We call this pose ‘the pondering,'” the mother of two captioned her Instagram post. “I told him I was going to take a picture and this is the pose he gave me. 😂😍. #futuremodel”

Maddie Brush/Instagram

What do you think of the fun, silly photo? Does Axel Brush have modeling chops? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

There’s a lot of love to go around in the Brush household

Janelle’s daughter, Maddie, does everything in her power to be the best mother she possibly can be. Both Axel and Evie have health challenges, but she wouldn’t trade being their mother for anything in the world.

Kody Brown’s children may not always feel love and support, but Maddie’s children always will. She recently shared an Instagram post saying how rewarding it was to be their mother.

“One of my favorite things about being a mom is seeing what my kids come up with when they use their imaginations, 💖” Maddie captioned her photo. In the picture, she’s playing with Evie and watching her explore.

Axel and Evie Brush are still pretty young, but they still have plenty of bonding moments as siblings. Sister Wives fans hope they will continue to grow up well and be loved by Janelle Brown and the rest of the family. Hopefully, the dysfunction and chaos that stems from Kody’s parenting style end with him.

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