‘Sister Wives:’ Did Robyn Brown Ever Actually Like Christine?

Robyn Brown from TLC

All Sister Wives fans know that the adults in the Brown household don’t always get along. Kody Brown and his wives tend to butt heads often — and yet they always seem to stick around. Robyn Brown may be the favorite wife, but she’s not above drama either.

Christine Brown shocked a lot of fans when she chose to leave the family. But now that she’s gone, Sister Wives viewers are waiting to see what will happen without her.

Each family member had their own relationship with Christine. Robyn even got upset during the Tell-All special when they brought up Christine’s departure.

But did Robyn Brown ever really like Christine? This is one question Sister Wives fans are trying to answer online. Keep reading to see what we found.

Viewers noticed that Robyn Brown often acts catty towards her fellow sister wives

Even newer Sister Wives viewers think that Kody and Robyn Brown don’t always act with the family’s best interests in mind. A recent Reddit thread addressed how Robyn could be so cold to Christine, even before she left the family.

“First time SW viewer and I’m on season 4. I’m starting to notice in this season whenever Christine is talking on the couch, expressing how she feels about Kody, Robyn has a constant look of disapproval on her face towards Christine,” the original poster says. “Example: when they got Kody the laptop for his birthday and he didn’t react excited enough. Robyn sat there holy as hell saying she ‘knew Kody didn’t want a laptop’…. We get it Robyn. Sorry but she’s so unbearable, this is just a small example.”

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“I don’t want to ruin it for you, but yeah, pretty much everybody on this sub feels the same way as you. Robyn is unbearable for sure!” another viewer chimed in.

The other comments generally echoed this sentiment. Plenty of Sister Wives viewers could come up with an example of Robyn’s catty behavior — especially towards Christine.

Do you have anything to add here? Be sure to let us know some of your own favorite examples in the comments. We look forward to reading them!

The Sister Wives star seeks the approval of others in the house

We previously noted that Robyn Brown definitely strives to be the favorite wife in the house. But she doesn’t just want to be Kody’s favorite — she also wants Janelle and Meri to think of her favorably too.

Sister Wives fans pointed out that Robyn may play mind games with the other wives, but she really just wants to keep her spot as the favorite in the house. Someone else pointed out that Robyn would be “just a wife” if Meri and Janelle left. In reality, she probably really wants to keep them around and stay in their good graces.

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