Robyn Brown Wants To Be Kody, Janelle, & Meri’s Favorite

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It’s no secret that the Brown family doesn’t all get along well. They may share fame through Sister Wives, but they have issues, just like any other family. Robyn Brown appears to be Kody’s favorite wife — but some Sister Wives fans think that might not be enough for her.

Is it possible that Robyn Brown actually wants to be everyone’s favorite family member? Keep reading to see what some other fans think.

Robyn Brown is doing everything in her power to keep her position

All Sister Wives fans know that Robyn Brown is the apple of Kody’s eye. But Meri and Janelle don’t necessarily view Robyn as favorably. Screenrant points out that Robyn Brown really does want to be the favorite wife, she just doesn’t want to be the only wife. The publication points out that Robyn even started crying during the Tell-All when she discussed Christine’s departure.

“Robyn always insists that she loves being a sister wife for the sisterhood, and she would likely not enjoy being Kody’s only wife,” Screenrant reports. “Many Sister Wives fans feel that Robyn enjoys playing the victim and puts on an act for the cameras. She may purposefully be fanning the flames and inciting jealousy in the other wives while also claiming to be innocent on the show.”

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The publication goes on to argue that Robyn loves being the favorite of the three remaining wives. And if Janelle and Meri left, she would be “just a wife.”

In a nutshell, she tries very hard to stay in everyone’s good graces. However, she also has no problem creating drama in the house to keep her coveted position as “favorite.”

What do you think about Screenrant’s analysis? Be sure to give it a read and let us know what you think in the comments. We love hearing what you think about the dynamic in the Brown household.

The fourth Brown wife hasn’t always been a part of the family

Robyn Brown may be the favorite of Kody Brown’s wives, but she definitely hasn’t been around as long as Meri or Janelle. Robyn Brown actually didn’t enter the Sister Wives scene until the end of Season 1 when Kody decided to take a fourth wife. Of course, the rest is history.

Kody legally divorced his first wife Meri so he could marry Robyn and legally adopt her children. But if you’re new to the Sister Wives fandom, you might not have been aware of this information. But now with Christine’s departure, Kody Brown is back down to three wives.

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