American Idol Morgan Gruber Shares Update On Her Whereabouts [Credit: YouTube]

‘American Idol’ Update: What Happened To Morgan Gruber?

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American Idol fans have been wondering where Morgan Gruber has been lately. The aspiring singer quickly became a fan favorite with her natural talent. They hoped that she would make it all the way through until the end. Fans noticed that Morgan has been MIA from the show lately and they want to know what happened.

She hasn’t appeared in the latest episodes. Morgan was also absent from Hollywood Week. They find it weird that she just “vanished” out of nowhere. Morgan took to Instagram to share an update on her whereabouts. She shared where she’s been since joining the show. Read on to see what happened to Morgan and what’s in store for her.

Morgan Gruber breaks her silence on her disappearance

On Tuesday, April 5, the American Idol hopeful took to Instagram to share an update with her followers. She shared that she didn’t make it to the Top 24 American Idol Season 20 contestants. Unfortunately, her journey had already come to an end. Morgan shared a carousel of photos from her time on the show.

She teased that this won’t be the “last time” that fans get to see her perform. Regardless, Morgan has a big future ahead of her. She already won the support and approval of fans. The viewers of American Idol are looking forward to where her career will take her next.

American Idol Morgan Gruber's Audition [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“I just want everyone to know that I did not make it to the top 24. They will not be airing my performance. I am so thankful for this amazing journey that @americanidol has given me!!!” Morgan wrote. “I’ve met so many amazing people and I’m so thankful for this opportunity! This isn’t the last of #morgangruber.”

Morgan just followed up with another update on Instagram. On Wednesday, April 6, the 17-year-old shared a clip of herself with Jay Copeland. Both of them were working on their duet together. In her post, Morgan thanked her fans for their support during this time.

“So thankful for this show! And the amazing people I have met!!! @americanidol #MorganOnIdol #M&J” the American Idol contestant wrote.

Where you can see the American Idol contestant next

American Idol fans expressed their disappointment over this season. They already lost some of their other favorites, including Cole Hollman and Kelsie Dolin. Now, they won’t get to witness Morgan’s talent in the singing competition.

But they can still check her out live in person. The American Idol hopeful is set to perform at Koehler Brewery Pub on Saturday, April 9 in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. The special event is called An Evening With Morgan Gruber. Aside from Morgan, local bands The Leftovers, Mac ‘n Nat, and Rover will also perform.

American Idol Morgan Gruber Shares Update [Credit: Morgan Gruber/Instagram]
[Credit: Morgan Gruber/Instagram]
Tickets cost $10 and are available at the door. American Idol fans can also meet Gruber and get an autograph along with merchandise. Event organizer Eric Rayner told that proceeds from the tickets will directly support Gruber and the fireworks show.

“I’m super excited to get to put this event together in partnership with Morgan and her family it’s gonna be a great opportunity to raise money for the fireworks and put some money in her pocket to support her music career.”

Morgan started singing when she was 13 years old. At the time, she took vocal lessons in her town. While she hasn’t recorded any songs, she has experience with singing at events. Fans can follow Morgan’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.

What are your thoughts on Morgan Gruber not making it through to the Top 24 round? Are you disappointed? Sound off below in the comment section. American Idol Season 20 airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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