American Idol Fans Say Judges Destroyed Show With Latest Eviction [Credit: YouTube]

‘American Idol’ Fans Say Judges Destroyed Show With Latest Eviction

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Once again, American Idol fans aren’t happy. They feel that the judges destroyed the show with their latest move. The Monday, April 4th show came with a disappointing elimination.

This is on the heels of Sunday’s episode. AI fans were upset when the judges chose Cadence Baker over fan-favorite Cole Hollman. He didn’t make it through Hollywood Week because his voice was shot. The judges noticed and felt he wasn’t at his best, which is interesting since he had strong performances leading up to that week.

Kelsie Dolin evicted on Monday’s show

During the Monday episode of American Idol, Kelsie Dolsin was the latest contestant eliminated. The judges agreed she wasn’t prepared to have a spot on The Top 24 list. She was another fan favorite who lost her chance at stardom. She was evicted from the show during Season 20 of American Idol.

The latest episode was called “Showstoppers” and fulfilled its purpose. During the show, the contestants had to compete for the Top 24 spot after they sang their hearts out. They had to take part in the duet rounds.

American Idol Kelsie Dolin Evicted [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Kelsie Dolin quickly became a fan favorite because she was so relatable. She was so anxious about performing on stage. Yet, she struggled to make an impression on judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. They felt she wasn’t prepared for the road to stardom because of her nerves.

Unfortunately, Dolin’s nerves held her back from the Top 24 spot. It was similar to when Hollman lost out on the show. He lacked confidence in his performances even though he captivated American Idol fans. Dolin also made a positive presence on viewers with her wholesomeness.

American Idol Kelsie Dolin's Audition [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
They were upset when the judges sent Dolin packing. They’re hoping that she will come back as a “Wildcard.” There’s still a chance for either Hollman or Dolin to return in some format. In addition, Dolin’s duet partner Betty Maxwell also got eliminated from the shocking Monday night episode.

American Idol fans say “judges need to stop taking stimulants”

The American Idol fans have been a very outspoken bunch lately. Most of them stormed Twitter during Dolin’s elimination. They think it isn’t fair that her journey came to an end due to her nerves. Fans think the judges should rethink their decision.

  • “Bummed that Kelsie got sent home.”
  • “Kelsie, Betty, so many others were better than these two country boys. The judges need to stop taking stimulants.”
  • “No offense but some of the people making top 24 I would take out and switch with people like Kelsie or Yoli or Sam Moss.”
  • “I can’t believe they put nasty attitude scarlet in over sweet Betty and Kelsie Dolan this show is awful.”

What are your thoughts on Monday’s elimination? Do you agree that Dolin got robbed? What are your thoughts on the Top 24? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Kelsie should have got to stay. She’s so unique and good. Lots of people can relate to her. She’s getting better each day. My favorite.

  2. I was so upset when Kelsie was eliminated and not in the top 24.
    I have watched American Idol from the first show when Kelly Clarkson won.
    The judges were absolutely wrong when Kelsie was not given a chance at winning. She is definitely an American Idol winner if given the chance.

  3. The judges wanted Miss America instead of the best singer for ratings. They need to stop with the long Back stories and be more about the singers.

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