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Karen Derrico Goes To Therapy After Losing Baby, See Preview

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Last month, Karen Derrico shared she has no desire to stop having babies while speaking exclusively with Entertainment Tonight. The mom of fourteen admitted she still did not feel quite complete just yet. At the time, a big part of her reality series Doubling Down With the Derricos was her fifteenth pregnancy. Sadly, the dream has been cut short and the focus of new episodes will no longer be gaining but on dealing with loss.

Karen Derrico Loves A Big Family

Multiples run in Karen’s family and the same goes with her husband, Deon. Both of their parents have experience with twins and triplets so they got off easy with their eldest. However, following Darian and Dericc came a slew of multiples which made people question if Karen had undergone IVF. “My quintuplets doctor told me I was his first African-American patient to naturally conceive. And I think he gave an odds of one in 32 million something around that,” she shared with ET. After her first two children, she and Deon welcomed twins. Following the twins came the quintuplets.

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The multiples game was far from over with the quints as another set of twins joined the Derricos three years later. Finally, the family was rounded out with a set of triplets. Though there was a pandemic and Karen was homeschooling her children, they did not necessarily want to stop adding to their brood. Even the $3500/month food bill could not stop them. Karen announced she was expecting her fifteenth child, due in June. Unfortunately, the pregnancy took a sad turn, and now she is left to deal with her loss.

Saying Goodbye And Learning To Cope

In a clip from tonight’s episode of Doubling Down With the Derricos, Karen Derrico talks about how she miscarried her fifteenth baby. Had she continued with the pregnancy, the baby would have had health issues. According to People Magazine, this is the seventh miscarriage she has experienced, the third in a row. To cope with what she is going through, Karen has decided to enter therapy.”Self-care is one of my major hurdles that I can’t ever seem to cross. I know that I need help, but most importantly, I know that I have to get better for my family,” Karen confesses privately.

The therapist makes Karen aware that a miscarriage is a trauma. She needs to address it as such while Deon notes his wife and her health are a priority. On Instagram, Karen shared the short clip and received mass amounts of support from her followers. “Prayers for your continued healing,” one commented. Another added: “You have such a beautiful family ❤️I’m so sorry for your loss😢 the love and spirit is so strong in your family and we all see it… Sending prayers.” Hopefully, she can find healing through therapy and the love of her family.

Don’t miss Doubling Down With the Derricos Tuesday nights at 10 pm on TLC.


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