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‘Doubling Down With The Derricos’: Karen Derrico Talks More Children

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The Doubling Down With the Derricos family loves to expand. Recently, they welcomed a new puppy, Blue to their household. Mama Karen is also expecting her fifteenth child, arriving in June. Yet, are there plans to add more babies into the mix in the future? Karen spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the future ahead.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Bundles Of Joy

It really was not that big of a surprise to Deon and his wife Karen that they were parents of multiples. Their lineage had multiples in it, according to Screen Rant. Ultimately, the couple ended up with four sets of multiples and a TLC reality show. In August 2020, the series premiered and the world was introduced to Deon, a real estate investor, and his family. Viewers were fascinated with the extremely large family because none of them were conceived via IVF.

DDWTD Karen Derrico

Additionally, Karen has been homeschooling all of her kids. More so, this had been incredibly relatable for parents, especially during the pandemic. However, the show became a fan favorite and guilty pleasure so it was renewed for a Season 2. By Season 3, Karen was expecting her fifteenth child. This became a central topic for the new season, which premiered in February 2022. Now she is sitting down with ET and her husband to discuss what’s next for the already growing family.

Is The Future Baby?

According to Karen Derrico, she does not seem ready to call it quits just yet when it comes to family expansion. She talked with ET and had this to say. “No, that diaper bag is not being hung up. I don’t feel complete. I don’t think we are 100 percent complete.” As for husband Deon, he was in full agreement. “[I] think when you have created — what I think we have created — in this home, the love, the amount of love, I could just never get tired of.” However, talking about more children did not make Karen smile. Rather it made her emotional.

Karen Derrico DDWTD
Koffee With Karen | YouTube

Firstly, she is extremely grateful for the children she has. Why? She never imagined she would be blessed with this many healthy babies. Secondly, Karen and her family are a miracle: “My quintuplets doctor told me I was his first African-American patient to naturally conceive. And I think he gave an odds of one in 32 million something around that.” Finally, they are still thriving despite their challenges, one of them being their $3500/month grocery bill.

Do you think they should add a sixteenth or is that too many cooks in the kitchen? Watch Doubling Down With the Derricos Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. Our opinion shouldn’t doesn’t matter. If the kids aren’t lacking anything and are being loved and taken care of, that’s all that matters. No one has the right to tell them to stop or say they should. They aren’t asking the public for help or on welfare, so mind your business. Better yet, some parents need to take notes on how to love, raise, teach and be living examples to the children. These kids and family are blessed and you can see it.

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