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Hannah Gosselin Gets Huge Offer She Can’t Refuse?

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Can you believe that Hannah Gosselin and the rest of the sextuplets are almost 18 years old? Their birthday is on May 10 and they will finally be legal adults.

But ahead of her birthday, Hannah received a pretty large offer. Keep reading to find out more about it and what action the teen will take.

Hannah Gosselin prepares for her future away from her family members

The sextuplets haven’t all lived together for quite some time. Hannah and Collin live with their father in Pennsylvania while the other four live with their mother in North Carolina.

It can’t be easy being separated like that, but unfortunately these things happen when parents split up. A source reportedly told Us Weekly that Hannah would love to spend more time with the rest of her family.

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“She would love to spend time with them. It just hasn’t been possible,” the insider said. “ … It is sad. She does hope that at one point she can see her brothers and sisters. They were all very, very close and her leaving to go live with Jon had absolutely nothing to do with her brothers and sisters. She loves them to death.”

The insider went on to say that Kate Gosselin has been attempting to sabotage Hannah’s attempt to reconnect with her siblings. Apparently, the mother of eight is really bothered that Hannah chose to live with Jon.

The teen received a pretty exciting offer once she turns 18

But according to The Sun, Hannah Gosselin has a lot of reasons to smile these days. The 17-year-old really wants to attend college and Florida and has received numerous offers once she reaches adulthood.

“Hannah was even considering graduating early because she wants to start taking college courses and majoring in business,” an insider reportedly told the publication. “She was approached by a company that has given her a huge opportunity and she is over the moon about it. She can’t wait to tell her friends and announce it to the world.”

The source went on to say that Hannah and Jon went to Florida for a photoshoot and to hammer out the details on the latest business deal. But we’ll just have to wait and see what all that entails.

In the meantime, Jon Gosselin is doing everything in his power to ensure his children are successful. He signed Hannah and Collin up for personal finance classes to ensure they wouldn’t squander their money.

Once the sextuplets turn 18, they’re going to receive money from their days on Jon And Kate Plus 8. But it will come in installments so the kids can’t spend it all by the time they turn 19.

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