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‘Pokemon Journeys’ Teases Return Of Ash’s Greninja: Watch Trailer

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Pokemon Journeys and the follow-up season Pokemon Master Journeys are very nostalgic for longtime fans. Both seasons have seen Ash Ketchum returning to places he hasn’t seen in years, or even decades. And, of course, returning to old places means seeing old faces. These new seasons have seen Ash and his new partner Goh reuniting with a number of familiar characters. Those characters include Professor Oak, Gary, Mewtwo, and many of Ash’s Pokemon from the older seasons.

Yes, in one episode Ash reunites with a large number of his Pokemon from every early era of the show. This includes Charizard, Heracross, Snorlax, Hawlucha, and more. But who it doesn’t include is Ash’s Greninja. It’s fairly disappointing for Greninja to be missing, although not surprising given the fact that Ash’s separation from Greninja didn’t involve him being left with Professor Oak. However, all hope is not lost. A recent trailer for future episodes of Pokemon Master Journeys shows that Greninja will finally be returning.

Greninja Returns

ash and grookey pokemon master journeys
Ash and Grookey in ‘Pokemon Journeys’

A recent tweet from the Pokemon anime Twitter account of Japan includes the buzzing trailer. The video includes a lot of things to generate excitement for the season’s future. But the main thing people are talking about, of course, is Greninja. Ash’s Greninja is one of the strongest Pokemon he’s ever had. And the moment he and Greninja part ways is considered one of the most emotional moments in the more recent seasons.

Fans have been waiting to see Greninja’s return for some time now, and it’s finally here. Although some are skeptical that the return will be for anything other than a single episode special. This is most likely the case, since that has been the case for all of the returning characters throughout Pokemon Journeys.  Still, some hold out hope that Greninja might return in a more significant way and stick around for at least an entire story arc.

The trailer also teases Paul. An old rival of Ash’s from the Diamond and Pearl seasons. A real throwback character for fans of the show from over a decade ago.

Will Ash Finally Win Something?

At this point, Ash is infamous for never being able to truly win. He’s been journeying to become the Pokemon master since the 90s and hasn’t made much progress. Over and over again he’s gone to big competitions only to get sent packing in the last battle. It’s the nature of a never-ending anime like Pokemon. To their credit, they continue to milk it 24 seasons in and fans continue to watch. It seems like people are a little sick of it, though, after all this time.

Pokemon Master Journeys is coming to a climax with the beginning of the World Coronation Series. Could Ash actually win this one? Honestly, it’s unlikely. But if it does happen, it’ll be a legendary moment in the show. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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