Janelle Brown’s Eyebrows Steal The Spotlight With This Photo

Janelle Brown Credit: Instagram

Janelle Brown has never been one to dress up and get all glam. She has admitted she prefers to be outside and get her hands dirty. Yardwork with the family is where she always thrived. She was also the worker bee but seemingly preferred the pantsuit look over fancy work attire. As for her makeup choices, Janelle has always been natural. Recently, as with her fellow sister wives, her eyebrows have become a hot topic solely based on one photo. Redditors went back and forth showing that even the most subtle of brows are not off-limits.

Janelle Brown’s Family Under Fire For Poor Makeup Choices

In the Brown family, less was always considered more. They wore conservative clothing, usually tank tops over T-shirts or long-sleeved tops. As the younger girls got older and started to go to dances, they wanted to explore more revealing dresses. Kody was not too thrilled with some of the strappy items they picked. Yet their mothers wanted them to feel confident in their skin. Eventually, the seasons went on and the clothing, as well as the hair, became more colorful. More so, everything look much more styled, and with that, came much more makeup. Sadly, viewers were quick to notice the makeup was a little too much.

Sister Wives - Kody - Robyn - Meri - Janelle - Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody – Robyn – Meri – Janelle – Youtube

When it came to Meri and Robyn, fans noted the heaviness of their eyebrows. For Robyn, it created a few Reddit threads comparing her brows to a bevy of things. “They look like brown sperms. No pun intended,” one person commented. Another suggested they looked like a tomahawk or prime rib and it just kept going. Viewers were also harsh with Christine’s daughter Mykelti despite really liking her. They have asked why they cannot invest in a better makeup artist. However, due to the pandemic and other reasons, it is suggested that the wives probably do their own makeup. Though Christine and Janelle have been exempt, it seems the latter could only dodge the bullet for so long.

To Brow Or Not To Brow

A photo was shared on Reddit up close of Janelle Brown and all eyes were on her brows. First off, the title is “more eyebrows gone wrong” yet not everyone agrees with that statement. “I disagree. I love her brows, they naturally frame her face and don’t look like two sperms trying to butt heads,” one Redditor shared. Another added: “Her brows look pretty decent here actually! I have the same blonde brow problem as these people and id be happy with this dye job and shaping!” Finally, it seemed that it was not so much the brows people took issue with but more so the way Janelle takes her photos. The mother of six has a habit of taking extremely close-up selfies which can often highlight problem areas that may not even be problems.

Janelle Brown Credit: Reddit

Furthermore, Redditors appreciated Janelle’s genuine look. “I don’t mind these. At least these are authentic. But Sobyn And her weird mommy dearest pencil job? Or maybe that was a stencil and eyebrow paste? Good Lord, no,” one noted. A second piggybacked with: “I don’t mind them. They look full and natural.” Maybe Meri, Robyn, and Mykelti can take some tips from Janelle because she appears to know exactly what works.

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