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‘The Bachelor’ Host Jesse Palmer Thinks Mental Health Pros Should Be On Set

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In today’s world, mental health is a huge topic. The need for it among contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is becoming more needed than ever before. Several contestants have noted their mental health suffered while filming the show and also after filming ended. Now, new host and former Bachelor Jesse Palmer notes that having mental health professionals on set is very important. Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelor host Jesse Palmer shares the need for mental health experts

ScreenRant shared all about what Jesse Palmer had to say about having mental health professionals on set while filming The Bachelor. The topic of mental health came up when Jesse was asked about Clayton’s revelation that he had received death threats following the show.

He was asked how the show deals with taking care of its contestants. How does the show ensure their mental health does not suffer badly?

Jesse noted it’s something that has changed since his time on the show. He said, “On set, we have psychologists always there in the moment talking to the Bachelor and Bachelorette and contestants to keep everyone as mentally healthy as possible. That’s a massive priority for the show. I don’t think they had that when I was on the show almost 20 years ago.”

Clayton has spoken out about the struggles he has faced as well as his family since being on the show. He noted that they are all human with feelings. The online backlash was really getting to him and to his mom.

Jesse Palmer via Instagram
Jesse Palmer via Instagram

Other contestants have had mental health concerns

Clayton Echard is not the first contestant to have mental health concerns on The Bachelor. Others have also suffered from various forms of issues.

Clayton Echard via YOuTube 25
Clayton Echard via YOuTube 25

One former Bachelorette has been very outspoken about her struggles. Kaitlyn Bristowe previously revealed how depressed she was following her season. Today she still openly discusses her struggle with depression.

A woman and her yellow dog in a car
Kaitlyn Bristowe and one of her dogs/Credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe Instagram

Colton Underwood also admits to struggling while filming The Bachelor. He proceeded to have many issues before coming out as gay following his time as the lead.

Ben Higgins is another contestant who has suffered from mental health concerns following filming.

en Higgins via Instagram

Jesse says the show is well aware of the needs they need to meet for their contestants. He said they are making mental health a priority and professionals are there to help them work through stressful situations.

Overall, Jesse says the series has worked to make things safer for their leads and contestants mentally.

The contestants are now looked out for more than perhaps they were at the beginning of the series.

What do you think about Jesse confirming that mental health is a priority and that there are psychologists on hand during filming?



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