Janelle Brown & Maddie Brush Look ‘Perfect’ In Latest Pic

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Janelle Brown, Maddie Brush, and Christine share an Instagram account dedicated to the promotion of a weight loss product they all support. A few hours ago, the Sister Wives stars shared a gorgeous snapshot featuring Maddie Brush and Janelle Brown looking perfect as they draped their beautiful figures across a staircase.

Sister Wives fans that follow this particular profile were quick to point out how incredible both of these lovely ladies looked in this photo. “Perfect” was a word many used to describe these TLC personalities.

Sister Wives - Maddie Brush - Janelle Brown Instagram


Janelle Brown, Maddie Brush drape perfect figures on staircase

The photo featured Maddie Brush sitting on one of the stairs leaning to one side of the staircase. Janelle Brown was sitting on the next stair down on the opposite side. So, the two appeared to be sitting next to each other with Maddie sitting just a little taller than Janelle. Both of these women were absolutely glowing in this photo with massive smiles on their faces.

Janelle, Maddie and Mom, Sheryl Mother's Day

Janelle Brown had one of her cupped with the back of her hand gently caressing her cheek as she pushed some of her gorgeous locks of hair out of her face. As these women continue to slim down, their figures are slowly becoming more and more defined.

Sister Wives fans were quick to notice how busty Janelle Brown was looking in this particular photo. She was also rocking a snug black top with a neckline that was deep enough to tease just a hint of her cleavage.

“There’s a lot of trends, diets & fads that come and go… but ya know what never gets old? Being healthy and feeling good,” the women penned in the caption of this photo.

sister wives janelle brown - Maddie brush Instagram

Sister Wives fans gush over their beauty

The comment section of this particular photo reveals these lovely ladies are doing a pretty good job of promoting this weight loss product. One Sister Wives fans jested they were ready to sign up now if drinking this product would make the look more like Maddie Brush.

There, however, were also a lot of complaints in the comments. Many fans admit they have asked for more details on the product, but their requests have gone unanswered.

What do you think about this latest snapshot of Maddie Brush and Janelle Brown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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