‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Breaks Old Promise To Kody

Sister Wives Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives fans have grown to know Robyn Brown has the subservient wife to Kody. She would never dare go out of line or disrespect him. Yet, a video has resurfaced from the earlier seasons showing Robyn broke a promise from the get-go.

Sister Wives Try To Welcome Robyn Brown- At What Cost?

Robyn came in when the family was seemingly just fine. The original three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine were all living under one roof. They had their own individual living spaces but developed a system that worked for them. Additionally, Kody was on a rotation with the three women so they could spend time with him but also do things on their own. By the end of Season 1, Kody married his fourth wife Robyn who had finally moved closer to the Browns. For a period of time, she had lived five hours away so Kody would travel to be with her. That was stressful for the wives as they missed him and the extra time.

Sister Wives - Kody - Robyn - Meri - Janelle - Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody – Robyn – Meri – Janelle – Youtube

When she moved closer, it was short-lived as they all had to relocate to Las Vegas from Utah for the safety of the family. Polygamy was still considered illegal and Kody’s safety was of the utmost importance. They tried to remain a unit while everyone had their own homes but it was stressful. In Vegas, Robyn wasn’t always a team player when it came to taking care of the other wives’ children. The communication issues became even more prevalent when they moved to Flagstaff in 2018. By the time the pandemic hit in 2020, Kody lived almost exclusively with Robyn. Though the wives did their best to be excited in 2010 to have her in the home, was it all superficial?

The Broken Promise

Fans have been coming to Reddit after rewatching old episodes of Sister Wives. They have noted issues from the beginning that are resurfacing in recent episodes. Rather, some conversations just have not aged well. One is between Robyn and Kody sitting on the couch. She says to him: “I’m not gonna cry all the time.” That has proven to be one of the biggest lies and broken promises of the whole series. One Redditor had this to say: “Where is Maury to tell her that is a lie.” Another added: “She didn’t lie, she doesn’t actually cry.”

robyn brown youtube

This could be true as many viewers have claimed she seems to fake cry with nothing actually coming from her tear ducts. “Crocodile tears all the was for Robyn!” one noted. That was piggy-backed with: “She forgot to say it like this ‘I’m not going to cry real tears all the time.'” During the Season 16 tell-all, Robyn noted she does not like to cry which made fans chuckle. It appears she has a penchant for crying every episode over everything despite telling Kody she wouldn’t.

Do you think Kody cares that Robyn cries at the drop of a hat or do you think he likes her vulnerable side? Let us know in the comments.




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  1. Some in our society must be unhappy in their lives if they think it’s okay to tear other apart. On the show you see only a small fraction of the Brown’s lives together. Personally I think all four wives and Kody are equally to blame which it comes to the fracturing that has happen in their culture.

  2. Robyn knew what she was doing from the beginning! She came in with baggage bad credit, no job. She used all of them. She wanted Kody for herself, I already knew she was going to take out them wives one by one!! Fake crying! All the time! She also kissed Kody before they even was married! She knew that wasn’t supposed to happen! She is happy that she has him all to herself! They are using poor Meri for her money!! That’s why Kody and Robyn keep her around.

    1. I think that all of the wifes should leave HIM. I dislike HIM so much I cant even say HIS name.
      Let’s face it when a “father” puts his hands on any of his kids he should be put I jail. No one has the right to slap anyone in the face let along a father hitting a daughter. Don’t get me wrong I’m not calling HIM a man, hes a JERK!!

    2. I am confused why does anyone Blame Robin?? CODY is the problem. He uses them to punish each other. When he found out Mary was talking to what she thought was a man. He feels she cheated..omg. so he cut her off physically and emotionally. When he gets bored with Adulting. He gets a new wife of makes everyone move and uproot all their entire lives. When he tried to punish Christin … With attitude… I have another wife to get affection. You will have nothing ect.. Christian said . “No way”
      Mary got burned and frightened by a Catfish. Now she is afraid of the outside world. You can bet with the camera off. Cody said “God punished your cheating Mary ect…”
      If Robin talks back to much he will go back to Mary’s Bed. Robin is a victim like them all. Christina. Is the only one that finally gets it!!
      So far…….

      1. Cody had cut Mary off physically and emotionally way before the catfish scandal. They all blamed her and treated her like a crap. Meri was emotionally broken and had very little self esteem at the time it happened. Cody had her divorce him to marry Robyn, she was a empty nester completely alone. None of her sister wives cared for her. I’m sure she felt shut out of the family. Broken and alone with no one to talk to hence catfish scandal. All of them played a part for Meri’s actions . How did no one notice she was going through a hard time? Aren’t sister wives supposed to be there for each other, support and uphold one another? Christine left Cody for the same reasons and she’s been fully supported. Meri gave up her happiness for all them to have this so called happy plural marriage that she never wanted. I think she would have been gone long ago if they hadn’t shamed her into staying because they needed her money. Hell they all had cow when she wanted to to buy the bed and breakfast.

    3. I agree. The biggest move was Meri divorcing him so he could adopt Robin’s kids. Total bs. Her ex wanted nothing to do with those kids. If Meri and Janelle smartened up Kody and Robin would be forced to sell pencils to survive.

  3. I stopped watching the show after he married his obvious favorite wife Robyn. He would salivate around her while the other 3 justified their screwed up lives. Good on Christine for getting out of an abusive situation. I hope the other two do as well. They deserve better. I will never get how this guy got 4 women to “marry” him.

  4. I’m so outraged over the show. I get so mad at myself because I watch it. It’s just so stupid. If it is a producer trick then he’s the best producer I’m ever seen because even when you hate the show you can’t stop watching it. First of all if they want to show the world how polygamy is right and Gods will they screwed that seasons back.lol. Cody sake has it so bad having to deal with all these women I can’t believe he got that many women daily marry him. What do they see in him? Yuk! Meri? Don’t underestimate that lady. She knows what she’s doing. She’s getting revenge In her own way. Christine I hope she is the most successful person on the planet and he hast to watch what he let walk away. Janelle call my girl get out there and find you someone that you mean more to bookkeeper. Robin, the joker, probably the most hated woman in TV other than Casey Anthony. No one falls for her tears, lies, good girl act. I’m just waiting for the day he marries someone else and gets tired of her like he did the others. I wish all those ladies except for Robin will get their own reality show then let Cody and Robin be forgotten. No one wants to watch either of them.

  5. Robin & Kody planned this from the start….to drive the others away. I bet that Robin gets paid extra for every time she “cries”. So fake are they and their belief in their religion. I wish Meri would move near her daughter, who actually loves her. Robyn is taking advantage of Meri.

        1. I always thought Meri had a good head on her shoulders but, frankly, I know feel she’s short a few brain cells.

  6. These two are real dufus. Money money is their game . Of course Kody likes her she stupid as a fox. Kody wants young fresh sex. They are sicking. The others ought to run run run

  7. First, I done understand how he has the wool pulled over these women for so long. I am glad that Christine sees that she does not deserve to be treated the way he was treating her. He treats everyone including his kid like they are no better than the dirt on his shoes, except Robyn and their kids. When he did not go with his daughter for her surgery all I could think of was what a piece of crap you are. But in looking back it did not surprise me. He and Robyn use both Mari and janell for money. I mean come on what does he really do for a living?
    But I do agree that Robyn’s ultimate goal is to push the other wives and their children out of the picture. I just hope that Mari and janell wise up sooner rather than later…..

  8. Cody is a piece of ____.He is a creep.He thinks he is all that. I don’t know why any woman would what him. And Robin is on the same level as her creepy husband. She uses all of them. She deserves him.and all the others should run as far away from him as they can get.And Robin is so fake and it shows. She was nothing when they took her in. And she’s still a nothing.they deserve each other

  9. I just cannot understand why any woman would want to share her husband with so called sister wives. It makes no sense whatsoever. And Kody is the biggest hypocrite imaginable. He has no job. He has all those kids and I am sure he and the women have resorted to welfare to support them all. For so many years they play acted as such a happy family when it was obvious Meri, Janelle and Christine were miserable. Robyn and her fake tears got what she wanted and truthfully she and Kody the Kreep deserve each other. Whether Meris sticks around to stick it to the 2 of them, heaven only knows. She needs to leave and run her business. Polygamy is ridiculous!

    1. Kody is an absolute creep!
      What kind of man let’s his wives earn the money while he does next to nothing. The wives bought into polygamy so they knew what they were getting into but their kids deserve better than a loser like Kody.
      And only an undereducated “Cody”would spell his name Kody. Dummy!

  10. Kody and Roby made a fool out of Meri. Being a great wife she divorce Kody to do a favor for Robin. Meri just did not know the plan was off and running. Kodi got the young sexy wife he wanted. He was FINISH with them all and Robin was happy to prove she got her man. I glad number 3 walked away. If number 1 and 2 just walk away they would be find. Why be a man’s leftovers when he showed you he got his Steak. Robin ain’t nothing but a homewrecker. Kody and them have to answer to God but in the end is he committed adulty. I just want those first two wives to move away and trust me they won’t have a problem finding a good man who wants just them, he will make them happy. Hope wifec3 find ger a great man as well. They will have the last laughter. Kody and Robin won’t be able to pay none of those bill.

  11. I agree. The biggest move was Meri divorcing him so he could adopt Robin’s kids. Total bs. Her ex wanted nothing to do with those kids. If Meri and Janelle smartened up Kody and Robin would be forced to sell pencils to survive.

  12. Kody Brown is a shitheel! As for Robyn she is a manipulator and uses the others for their money.I hope that Meri and Jannell leaves those two fools to make it on their own.With kody and Robyn’s work ethetics being non existance it wouldn’t be a year before she finds another sucker to pay her way.As for Kody ,I sure don’t see anything sexy about him.He is ugly and balding,how true is that?I hope that Jannell and Meri does what Christene did and leave him and “the fake tears witch.

  13. I think they all thought if they tried hard enough their plural marriage would all work in the end. I’m not surprised that Covid tore the family apart with all the different opinions on what is “safe”! It’s torn the whole country apart.

  14. Ya’ll realize they can/might get public assistance for all these minor children!’💲💲(Im not saying they do But Please, who is supporting all these children, homes, vehicles…..Polygamy is notorious for government assistance.

  15. Screaming at my TV for Meri to bail to who will pay for Robyn to have nanny& housekeeper she has yet hold a job. So hoping only Robyn & Kody have to pay bills. The other wives child support you know he won’t. Looking forward to younger wife uprooting Robyn.

  16. Robyn hasn’t spent the entire time crying…look at her….she had to have spent a considerable time eating.

    1. I’ve watched the show and I nearly puked. So disgusting. The wives are all lovely ladies and why they ended up with that freak is puzzling. The gals should find a “good, decent husband who would love only them.
      Cody is a joke. Any man that has to have more than one wife is a self serving jerk. Men that think they are so studly🤣🤣🤣🤣aren’t studly. They are insecure in their manhood and so conceited it’s pathetic.

  17. PS: This post probably won’t be posted but the whole show is scripted. All such shows are.
    On the bachelor, a few years ago, I know personally that one of the men to choose a wife, already was married before the show started. FAKE

  18. If TLC were smart… they would offer the 3 rejected wives their own show. Call it :
    Polygamy Wives -To Tell The Truth
    TLC would have another hit show and leave Kody and Robyn sitting in their ashes!
    Win – Win

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