’Sister Wives‘ Fans Stunned By Evie Brush’s Full Name

Sister Wives Credit: Maddie Brush IG

Sister Wives fans are not shocked by that much anymore. It seems like everything is old news or something they just instinctively knew. However, one fact that shocked them was Maddie Brown Brush’s daughter’s full name. It seemed just calling her Evie K. had become commonplace. Why question what it all stood for? A Reddit thread was started in which Evie’s full name was revealed and fans are in disbelief.

Sister Wives Fans Watch The Growth Of Maddie And Evie K.

When the series started in 2010, Maddie was in her early teens and dreamed of being a cosmetologist. She was extremely stylish with her dark bobbed hair and Robyn immediately took to her. Furthermore, she was very smart and likable. It was pointed out that she was the valedictorian of her class, garnering a full ride to university. Though she changed her career path from cosmetology to law, the plan was ditched when she met and fell in love with Caleb Brush. The two wed in Montana in 2016 and welcomed their first child the following year. His birth was captured in the series, bringing the first grandchild to the Brown family.

'Sister WIves' Evie Brush via Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram
‘Sister WIves’ Evie Brush via Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram

In 2019, Maddie and Caleb announced they were expecting their second child, a baby girl. Evie K. would soon join the family but had her own struggles. She has FATCO and faced surgery around her first birthday. One of her feet was amputated and one of her hands was operated on to help with the webbing. Nevertheless, she is a smiling and happy trooper who never lets anything dull her smile. To all of the show’s fans, she is known as Evie K. but her birth certificate is much longer. Now that one person posted her full name, Redditors seemingly will never be the same.

What’s Evie’s Full Name Again?

Redditors have been fully taken aback by learning that Evie K.’s full name is Evangalynn Kodi Brush. Yes, the Kodi is for her father. A Reddit thread started over this and the comments are all over the place. “How did I miss the middle name? Lol After her father but with a different spelling? I don’t understand,” one person noted. Another added: “Yes. They call her Evie K. Kody wasn’t even pleased about it either. I think he wanted a Kody junior for a male grandchild and not as a middle name either.”

Maddie Brown Brush - Evie Brush Instagram
Maddie Brown Brush – Evie Brush Instagram

One Redditor was so upset they even learned about this whole situation in the first place: “I wish I could go back in time and never read this information.” Several mocked the name and the spelling. To be fair, the Sister Wives family has a history of unique spellings of names. Aspen is Aspyn, Gwendolyn is Gwendlyn, Isabelle/Isabel is Ysabel so it makes some sense.

What do you think of Evie’s full name? Were you shocked or did you already know? Tell us in the comments.

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