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‘Sister Wives’: Did Mykelti Padron Or Maddie Brush Complete College?

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Sister Wives daughters Mykelti Padron and Maddie Brush have pretty active lifestyles. They seem very fulfilled but they once had very high professional aspirations. This led some Redditors to ask if either girl ever went to college and if so, did they complete it.

Sister Wives High Achieving Children

The one thing about the Brown children is that they are very high achievers. From the time the series began in 2010, they were already setting goals. As a teenager, Maddie had a distinct and strong personality. With her short, black bob, she declared she was going to become a cosmetologist. Her other siblings were just as determined to succeed as she was. Garrison joined the National Guard while her sister Aspyn graduated from UNLV in 2019. Both Mariah and Logan received Master’s degrees as Hunter pursues Nursing. The family moved to Flagstaff so Dayton could go to school while Gabe is currently enrolled in college.

Sister Wives Kody Brown - Brown Family

As for Maddie and Mykelti, they both found love and their soulmates which seemingly put their educational goals on hold. Maddie married Caleb Brush in 2016, the same summer Tony Padron proposed to Mykelti. In December of that year, Tony and Mykelti got married. It was not long after that Maddie welcomed her first child with Caleb, their son Axel. In 2019, they announced they were expecting again plus moving to North Carolina. During the pandemic, Mykelti shared she was pregnant and welcomed her first daughter in April 2021. So, where do the two girls stand education-wise?

To Educate Or Not To Educate

Since the girls seemed so invested in their education and futures throughout the series, a Reddit thread was started asking if they ever finished college. As one person pointed out, Maddie had a point where she wanted to be a layer (after cosmetologist) while Mykelti had dreams of working in fashion design. This Redditor added they felt sad that the girls seemingly dashed their dreams to promote MLMs. “Neither finished college. Within the last few months Maddie posted pictures of her doing homework so she went back at some point but hasn’t finished yet,” a Redditor answered.

Maddie Brown Brush
Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram

Maddie has been studying, alongside Ysabel who lives with her in North Carolina as she is attending university, as well. Yet she hasn’t shared what her major is. For those who may not remember, Maddie was the valedictorian at her graduation. Not many people are surprised Mykelti did not pursue her dream of fashion but they did have higher hopes for Maddie. She also apparently had a full ride to college but seemingly chose Caleb and marriage over all of it. However, she is living her best life and has gone back to school so it all happened in her time frame. Maybe she will inspire Myketi.

Are you surprised the Sister Wives girls’ lives took a different turn? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. As I understood it, Maddie made a speech at her graduation ceremony, but it was as president of her Student Council. It wasn’t because she was Valedictorian. Quite an accomplishment anyway.

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