Partying Away Pain? Savannah Chrisley Soaks Up Sun Amid Tragic Loss

Bravo fans were shattered over the passing of the Chrisley family’s beloved Aunt Francis.  Show viewers have continued to show their support for the family as they grieve the loss of Nanny Faye’s sister. Oddly, while most of the Chrisleys have been laying pretty low off the radar during this time – one young family member seems to be working through their grief in a different way. Which of the Chrisley kiddos doesn’t appear phased by their aunt’s death? Read on to get the disturbing details.

Chrisley Family Mourns Aunt Francis

Late last week, Todd Chrisley made the solemn announcement via Instagram that Nanny Faye’s sister, Francis has passed away. Francis was diagnosed with cancer in late 2020. While viewers knew that she was receiving treatment for her condition, it had been a long while since the family had relayed an update. Unfortunately, Aunt Francis was not able to recover.

Savannah Chrisley In Hot Pink Bikini [Credit: Savannah Chrisley/Instagram]

In his post, Todd Chrisley told viewers that it was with great sadness that he had to announce that his Aunt Francis had passed. He however shared that while she would be very much missed by her loved ones, they had joy in their hearts knowing that she was in Heaven with the Lord. He asked fans to keep his family held in prayer as they navigate this difficult time.

Savannah Chrisley Mourns Aunt… In A Bikini or Two

While Todd, Nanny Faye and Chase have been visibly saddened by the loss of their Aunt, Savannah Chrisley doesn’t appear to be phased in the least. In fact, despite losing a family member, the 24-year-old reality star didn’t even come home to comfort her grandmother after her sister’s passing.

As per the reality celeb’s Instagram, Savannah is currently on vacation in the Cayman Islands. Allegedly, the celebrity fashionista is nursing her wounds post-break-up with on again off again lover, Nic Kerdiles.

Savannah Chrisley | Instagram
Savannah Chrisley | Instagram

While the breakup hasn’t been officially confirmed, Savannah seems to have no issue flaunting the goods in her latest selfies. In fact, while Savannah’s followers had grown accustomed to regular bikini shots over the years, the photos seemed to slow down after she and Nic got back together last year. Now, however, Todd’s daughter appears to be showing Nic what he’s missing – while also showing everyone else on the web as well.

Fans Disgusted With Savannah’s Behaviour

Chrisley Knows Best fans are typically super supportive of fancy-free Savannah. Unfortunately, right now they don’t appear impressed with her recent behavior. While her entire family is in the midst of mourning the death of her great aunt Francis, fans expected that Savannah would want to immediately fly home to be by her grandmother’s side. Oddly, this was not the case at all.

One look at Savannah Chrisley’s Instagram reveals that she has no intention of leaving her island getaway to head back home. Instead, she continues to bombard her fans and followers with sultry photos of herself scantily clad in barely-there bikinis. 

The comment section was replete with its usual array of suggestive commentary and enthusiastic emojis.  In addition, however, there were numerous comments about how distasteful Savannah’s behavior came off to her followers.

” It’s disgusting that Savannah just goes about her vacation as nothing happened, “said one fan, “her father and grandmother are home mourning and she’s showing off her t*ts to get back at her ex.”

“Well, everyone mourns differently, I suppose,” added another, “makes you wonder what she’ll be doing after Nanny Faye passes.”


Do you think Savannah cares about the tragedy going on at home? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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