‘Below Deck’ Captain Glenn Shephard Speaks Out On Tip Drama

Below Deck Captain Glenn Shephard Speaks Out On Tip Drama [Credit: YouTube]

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Captain Glenn Shephard is speaking out about the tipping controversy and ongoing drama. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, charter guests Erica Rose Sanders and her husband Charles Sanders only tipped the crew $6,500. It’s now the lowest tip in Below Deck history. The charter guests are making waves on and off the show.

Erica’s former hairstylist Janelle Flatt spoke out about the tip drama. She claims to have the proof of their text message exchange. Erica assured her that she didn’t have to tip. The Bachelorette alum claims that their former friends didn’t want to contribute to the group tip.

Janelle and Rhett Flatt have the receipts

The drama from Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 continues on land. After Erica Rose spoke out on the Another Below Deck podcast, Janelle and Rhett Flatt made time for an interview on the Gangplank Report podcast. Rhett admitted he wanted to punch out Charles for calling his wife a “b****.”

The couple also had the receipts of their text message exchange about the tip. The two shared revealed what really went on behind the scenes. Erica was invited to return to the show while Janelle styled her hair. Rhett and Janelle were asked to join the couple for the charter.

Below Deck Janelle & Rhett Flat [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Rhett revealed that the couple was drunk at the airport, which led to their being held up on the flight. The duo also revealed that Erica wasn’t honest with them about the tip. A producer explained to them after the charter and said they should have paid more. They had no idea they were lied to.

Charles apologized to them before Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 premiered, and Erica sent a gift, which they returned. Rhett claims Charles called Janelle a “b****” more than once. The couple apologized to Chef Marcos Spanziani for Charles’ “disgusting” food comments.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Captain Glenn speaks out

The Below Deck Sailing Yacht star took to Instagram to speak out about the charter guests. Charles previously claimed that producers told him to make those comments about Chef Marcos’ food. Glenn denied Charles’ claims and said he was trying to stir the pot.

“The production people don’t tell them what to say or do, it’s against their principles, but I think he was trying to create drama on his own,” Captain Glenn told a Below Deck fan.

As for the tipping controversy, he explained “it is customary for primary guests to take care of the crew gratuity rather than insisting that their invited guests pitch in.” Glenn shaded Erica and Charles by saying if they couldn’t afford to tip, “they should consider chartering a smaller more affordable boat.”

Then he noted that the best tip of all: “Our biggest best tip was seeing them walking down the passerelle.”

Below Deck Captain Glenn Comments [Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]
However, it looks like Erica and her family could get another invite despite this latest drama. It’s shocking that Bravo invited them back after what happened the first time around. Do you think Erica Rose and Charles should return for another charter? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Monday, March 21 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. Should they be invited back???? Only if they get Captain Lee and Kate with Ben as the Chef…and if all 3 of those people are given the green light to talk to them just like they rudely talk to others…A N Y W A Y S!!!!

  2. I’d be happy to never see them on the show again. Why would Bravo want the crew to be verbally abused that way anore? It’s wrong!

  3. Not only should they NOT be invited back, they should be permanently banned from the Below Deck Charters. Absolute worst excuses for human beings ever and I will not watch any of their episodes if they are invited back. F*ck your ratings, no crew deserves to go thru another charter with these people.

  4. No thanks. I like this show and that guy was a douche. And the wife was too. It wouldn’t be fun a third time. Let it go. Or jump the shark.

  5. Oh hell no! They’ve already been on twice and milked their 15 minutes of fame for all it’s worth. If they come back again, I will turn off the show forever.

  6. A BIG NO to these two clown ever coming back on BD, any edition. Their tip SUCKED, their behavior was deplorable. I don’t want to ever see them back. I don’t care if they inspire talk or controversy. The producers need to be human and not ask these two attention-seeking assholes back. NEVER AGAIN.

  7. It is because of ridiculous “story lines” Bravo is creating on this show that I am not interested in watching. I watch A LOT on Bravo and the reality shows; however, the quality has changed lately and not for the good. If these two were to be invited back it would just show how desperate Bravo is to create drama to try to further viewing. Too bad they do not realize it is hurting them. NOT helping!!!

  8. I absolutely never want to see those idiots again. If Bravo invites them back it’s an insult to th crew and also the viewer. Just no.

  9. Absolutely not. They never intended to leave a bigger tip and Charles behaviour was an attempt to justify that. They’re horrible. If they’re back on, I won’t watch (actually, send them to Sandy’s ship and let her deal with them).

  10. Bravo, I’m so tired of you giving garbage people platforms. And letting your production team fuck with this show. You already ruined the other two Below Deck franchises. Don’t ruin this one for us.

  11. Let them return on a cruise with Sandy, let’s see how she will handle it since she’s such a great captain …

  12. I can be disgusted at their extreme entitled privileged VILENESS, but after that insult of a tip? They are lower and grosser than the dog crap I scraped off my shoe yesterday.
    If Bravo *must* have them for some insane, illogical reason, give them to Captain Sandy and Chef Mila. I might actually watch YAAAAWN’s season for that. It’ll be Below Deck: The Garbage Barge

  13. NO The crew do not deserve the abuse that will accompany them. I’m sure they want to come back to redeem themselves but they are who they are and enough is enough. Once was too many times, please done make it three times.

  14. If production brings them back, the crew should treat it as a three-day unpaid vacation. Let them starve. Leave their beds unmade. Go to the beach for a crew picnic. Play with the water toys. Soak in the hot tub. Look at it as renting a super yacht for the $700 in lost tip money. Then Erica and Chuck can sue the production company, and the production company will get what it deserves for inflicting monsters on the crew and audience.

  15. These two ought to be banned from ever stepping foot on another Below Deck show yacht again. They were an absolute nightmare and can never repair the rude, outrageous behavior they have shown to the crew.

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