'Below Deck' Charter Guest Serves Ultimate Shade To Daisy Kelliher [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

‘Below Deck’ Charter Guest Serves Ultimate Shade To Daisy Kelliher

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht charter guest Erica Rose served the ultimate shade to Daisy Kelliher. This comes after the chief stew’s reaction to Erica’s return aired earlier this week. Fans called Erica and her group the worst charter guests in Below Deck history. They stormed Twitter on the Monday, March 7, episode.

The viewers did not hold back on their feelings. Some of them dubbed the charter guests as “trashy,” “ignorant,” and “vile.” The Bachelor alum returned with her husband Charles Sanders. He got intoxicated and slammed the cuisine that Chef Marcos Spaziani made. He called everything “disgusting” and said he’s had better at Chili’s restaurant and the ballpark.

Daisy Kelliher’s response to Erica Rose’s return

On Monday episode, Daisy and her fellow superiors had a preference sheet meeting. Captain Glenn Shephard shared that Erica Rose was returning to the yacht. Daisy put her hands to her head in shock. She almost threw her sheet off the table.

Daisy called it “the worst news ever.” The Below Deck Sailing Yacht chief stew shared what’s “scary” about the primary charter guest and her mom returning to Parsifal III. Erica and her mom, Cindy Rose, returned along with their friends and family. She also had her husband join her for the first time.

Below Deck Daisy Reacts To Erica Rose [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
[Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]
“This is the worst news ever. These people are disrespectful, they’re exhausting, they’re emotionally draining,” the Below Deck fan-favorite said. “And the biggest thing for me is they’re unpredictable — that’s what’s scary. I just don’t want it.”

In her preference sheet, Erica noted that she expects “a higher level of service than she received last season.” Captain Glenn called the group “very interesting.” While he read the rest of the preference sheet, Daisy and her fellow cohorts rolled their eyes. First Mate Gary King was more optimistic and said that this time “could be a little different.”

Erica Rose shades Below Deck star

Erica must’ve not liked what Daisy said about her. She shaded the Below Deck Sailing Yacht star in a new interview. The reality star spoke to Page Six about her time on the yacht. She thinks that Daisy is “too good” for Gary. This comes amid the dating rumors between the two.

Erica didn’t stop there. She also called the New Zealand native “two-faced.” Erica was hoping to get a better charter experience this time around. However, the group expresses their disappointment with the food, as evidenced in Monday’s episode.

Erica Rose Shades Below Deck Star [Credit: Erica Rose/Instagram]
[Credit: Erica Rose/Instagram]
The blonde television personality sounded off on Daisy and Gary’s dating rumors. The two sparked the rumors at Disneyland California. They also kiss in the hot tub on the Season 3 trailer for Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Both have denied the dating rumors.

“Gary could do so much better,” Erica told Page Six. “All the girls on the boat were interested in him — even my friends. Gary’s a really great guy and Daisy is just not a really great person. She’s actually two-faced.”

The political bombshell thinks Daisy only hooked up with Gary to make third stew Ashley Marti jealous. She claims that the chief stew is “really desperate for any kind of attention” and also thinks Gary kissed her “for ratings and to be relevant.” Erica also claims that he told her he’s still “heartbroken” over former stew Alli Dore.

What are your thoughts on what Erica said about Daisy? Do you think she’s shading her because of what she said on the show? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more Below Deck news.

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