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‘Sister Wives:’ Paedon Brown Violated

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Sister Wives star Paedon Brown revealed he had a theft occur. The TLC personality took to TikTok last night to vent to his followers about how upset he was. What was stolen from Christine and Kody Brown’s son? Was he hurt in any way? Fortunately, Paedon did not skimp on the details of what happened. So, keep reading and we’ll explain.

Paedon Brown tiktok

Sister Wives: Paedon Brown stolen from

On TikTok, Paedon Brown reveals he was violated. He tells his followers it happened while he was at the gym. Paedon explained that he put all of his things in his gym bag and put his bag in the locker like he normally does. Then, he went to work out. After Paedon returned and ruffled through his bags, he noticed his wallet was feeling a little lighter.

Turns out, someone went into his locker, ruffled through his gym bag, and took all of the cash he had in his wallet. Now, Paedon Brown did admit he was grateful the cash was the only thing removed. He added things could have been a lot worse if they would have taken other things from his wallet (or if they had just taken his entire wallet).

paedon brown tik tok

Paedon added it was “just $100” before noting he was still upset because $100 is still $100. In the comments, some of his followers pointed out that $100 was a lot of money for most people. Some joked $100 might fill a tank of gas depending on where a person lives right now.

Did he have a lock on his locker?

In the comments of his TikTok, many of his followers questioned if he had some kind of lock on his locker. Most were assuming his locker was unlocked by the way he told the story. They proceeded to tell him he should consider getting a good lock so he can secure his items the next time he goes to the gym.

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Other followers wondered if Paedon Brown reported the theft to the police or to the gym. Though most gyms have pretty clear policies to avoid being liable for things stolen from the locker room. Likewise, he seemed to brush off the $100 as not being very much money. So, it is possible he didn’t report the theft to anyone.

Do you think Paedon Brown had a lock on his locker? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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  1. He obviously didn’t have a lock on the locker. If you choose to be stupid then you will pay the price. What’s more astonishing is the fact that he was in the service where they teach you to lock your stuff up all the time. A learning lesson to all here.

  2. Who the heck cares if he had a lock? Most of us have lives and exist in a world where there are far greater concerns.

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