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Paedon Brown Confirms Kody’s Wife Meri Is Forbidden Fruit

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Without saying much of anything at all, Paedon Brown of Sister Wives managed to confirm Kody’s wife Meri is forbidden fruit. What exactly did Christine’s son say (or not say) that has fans drawing this conclusion? Keep reading for the details.

Paedon Brown has been very vocal

As we’ve reported, Paedon Brown has been all over media outlets talking up his family after Season 16 ended. Some fans praised Christine’s son for finding a way to make some cash off his family drama. In fact, many Sister Wives fans hope he’ll continue doing interviews and spilling more and more info about his family.

Paedon Brown's Thoughts On Creation [Screenshot | TikTok]
[Screenshot | TikTok]

A lot can be said while saying nothing at all

Paedon Brown made an appearance on a podcast called Surviving Sister Wives. Pretty early on, the hosts said they were aware of him not being interested in discussing his father. But, they were hoping to talk about Kody a little bit. Paedon informed them the best approach for the podcast would be simply for them to ask their questions. Paedon Brown told the podcast hosts he would either answer the questions or tell them he couldn’t. Turns out, both his mother and father gave him a list of topics he wasn’t allowed to touch during these interviews.

Paedon also made it clear it was his mother was more terrified of as far as honoring wishes not to touch certain topics was concerned. The podcast hosts slowly worked their way through a lot of different topics.

Paedon - Meri - Robyn - Brown
Paedon – Meri – Robyn – Brown

As we previously reported, Paedon Brown did admit he has no relationship with Meri or Robyn Brown. Christine’s son admitted that relationships work both ways. Then, he implied that neither Meri nor Robyn make an effort to have a relationship with him either.

Paedon admits Meri Brown is forbidden fruit

Turns out, Meri Brown was actually on the list of topics Paedon was not really allowed to discuss during these interviews. By confirming Meri Brown was a do not fly zone, Paedon confirmed she was the forbidden fruit of the family.

meri brown sister wives - youtube
meri brown sister wives – youtube

Meri Brown is a member of the family that truly baffles fans. She’s made it clear she absolutely loves her husband Kody. She wants to get back to an intimate marriage with him. He, however, has made it clear he won’t be more than friends with her. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like fans will be getting anything more than what we see on the show about Meri Brown because she’s a do not discuss topic in interviews for the kids and she refuses to talk about her personal life on social media.

Do you see Meri Brown as the forbidden fruit of the family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. I see Meri as being pitiful. When someone doesn’t want you but you refuse to leave, that says you have no self worth at all. None. Zero. There is no man or woman on this earth worth begging to love you. If they don’t you need to save your pride and move on with your life. Find your happiness elsewhere.

    1. I agree. She and Robin always make themselves a victim. They seem pitiful and weak to me. Cody is a bully and a control freak. I find him disgusting. On the other hand I love Christine and Janelle.

    2. I think for Merri she is being a wise business woman and getting paid each week for doing nothing. I don’t think she has any love for Cody. So for riding this flaming train till it crashes off the tracks she’s filing her pockets. She was the first wife of this creepy little guy, put up with his arrogance all these years she deserves every penny. She’s enjoying life. Lol

    3. I feel that it’s one sided love that isn’t going to change. It’s got to be more lonely with Christine gone and with it looking like Janell isn’t to far behind.

  2. To see Meri put herself in a position to be told we can only be friends and you gave him to Robyn when you divorced him Why can’t you just go somewhere else and live your life and be happy Leave that selfish idiot he isn’t worth a dime or your time Wake up you are a very pretty good person with a lot to give He is only with Robyn but soon she will be the ex wife he likes them young

  3. Meri is rotten fruit and she needs to be left right where she is in the dirt , no self esteem or self worth ,she has no value and she knows it
    She’s comfortable being used and at first I felt sympathetic towards her but she doesn’t want anything different ,,so that’s okay with me if it’s okay with her

    1. Cody and the other wives have contributed to her being like she is they said you only have one child but we have all the others to get through school when she wanted help with finances or backing we can’t help as they where not going to get anything out of if all cody thought about was the how to make money out of her family home he is an arrogant prick and the other wives are much the same i hope she can wake up and realise that she is worth more than that they are all users

  4. I think Merri needs to leave him. Intimacy is a big part of marriage, if you have zero, it is not really a marriage. the fact they are not legally married, there you go.

    I wonder how much money she contributes to the “family”? Or does all the money she makes from her work and the show is only her money? Hmm.

    Cody is using her for her monetary support for the family.

    I think she should run from this toxic relationship. Find someone who will love you in every way you were meant to be loved. Cody is not loving you as God intended a husband and wife.

    1. I get so tired of hearing about how they dislike Meri. Christine is a very selfish person and the way she treated Meri proves just how jealous and insecure she really is, she thought pushing out Meri would give her more of Cody, but Cody turned on her just like he turned on Meri.
      No one took into consideration how Meri must have felt when Cody divorced Meri to marry Robyn. He didn’t handle the situation with love and understanding. It’s understandable that she was looking for love on the internet, but that’s Cody’s fault, he should’ve detected that Meri needed assurance. Cody played all three wives so that he could end up only being intimate with Robyn. He made it clear that Robyn is the only one he is in love with. And I’ll say it again , Christine got just what she deserve.

  5. Im really sick of Meri being a victim she’s not she’s an idiot she used to be my favorite but not anymore i respect Christine for having the guts to leave.They all should leave him except for the selfish Robyn who thinks she’s better then anyone else Meri put your big panties on and leave is money that important to you while your being the laughing stock of the show come on girl grow up

  6. I have gained so much respect for Meri over the years. Meri is proving that she is a business woman with goals and ambition. She does not need the approval of her sister wife family to build her personal empire. I see nowhere that Meri supports other family members. She is smart by keeping her foot in the door to receive income from her televised appearances. It is made very clear that her online marketing business and her B&B business are strictly her own. Also, Meri obviously sees the value in property in AZ so it behooves her to make sure she gets her equal portion of Coyote Pass. So, hats off to Meri.

  7. This show needs to be cancelled!! It’s disturbing to watch these women, some of whom are intelligent, to continue embarrassing themselves in this charade!!

    This is feeling more like a con game with all of these children used as pawns while the “adults” are using this faux religious con to enrich themselves while behaving like the worst role models yet on national television!!!

  8. Its a reality TV show people all of them are making money what its all about if they didn’t have drama people wouldn’t watch this is America if Cody wants 20 wife’s who cares thats his choice plus we don’t see everything that goes on don’t feel sorry for any of them they have made alot of money to but there lives on TV ITS A TV SHOW stuff like this reality TV and Facebook and Instagram ruining society as we know it should be worried about that crazy moron in Russia than who Cody brown is having another kid with

  9. The truth is Meri and Robyn both are and we’re friends for some time .Meri wanted and needed revenge on them. Meri thought she would have control in h of them in her narrow mind. Janelle and Christine stood thier ground and the marriage was over between Cody and her .She could not except this set out to find a wife for Cody that she knew was going to destroy the family! Go to Utah and ask the truth will retail it self.

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