‘LPBW’: Is Audrey Roloff Opposed To Modern Medicine?

Audrey Roloff Instagram (LPBW)

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff is spilling all of the details about the birth of her third child, Radley Knight. She’s been talking about his birth and sharing with fans how amazing the experience was. But it has raised some questions about what she believes when it comes to medicine. The former TLC star has a response for fans, revealing where she actually stands. So, is Audrey Roloff opposed to modern medicine?

As we reported, Audrey posted a series of Instagram posts that retell her birth story. The whole birth story fills five Instagram posts. She included detailed descriptions of the full process, as well as a few photos. You can check out the full birth story here.

Audrey Roloff Instagram (LPBW)

Audrey and Jeremy’s third child was born in a birthing center, and she had a midwife there to assist her. After sharing the birth story on her main Instagram feed, she posted a question box on her Instagram stories. Fans submitted several birth center and birth-related questions.

LPBW star Audrey Roloff shares her stance on modern medicine.

One LPBW fan asked, “Why are you so against modern medicine?” Based on her decision to give birth at a birth center rather than a hospital, some fans assumed she might be opposed to modern medicine.

In response, Audrey shared her thoughts. The former TLC star explained, “I am not! Also I had incredible L&D nurses for both Ember and Bode’s births and LOVED them. I just desired a more natural approach to birth and didn’t want any unnecessary medical interventions (more likely in the hospital.” 

Then, she clarified, “Also not throwing shade at anyone else who does not share these same desires! Each mama has to decide what’s best for them and where they feel most comfortable.” 

Audrey Roloff Instagram (LPBW)

So, it sounds like Audrey really wanted to set the record straight and let fans know how she feels. It sounds like modern medicine has worked for her in the past. This time, she just wanted to try something different.

From what Audrey has shared, it sounds like everything went smoothly with Radley’s birth. The former LPBW family seems to be doing well today, too.

So, did you think that Audrey Roloff might be opposed to modern medicine? Do you appreciate her response? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more LPBW news, be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace. We’ll continue to keep you posted on what the family’s up to.

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