Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Blasted For Disrespectful Decision

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LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff blasted for their disrespectful decision. What did they do to rile fans? Read on for all the details.

From reality stars to social media influencers?

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff left the popular TLC show Little People, Big World in 2018. When the show premiered in 2006, Jeremy was just a teenager. However, now he is a married man with three children, including a four-month-old baby.

However, the reality show wasn’t the last fans saw of the couple. In recent years, they have created an active following on Instagram. Audrey often shares paid content and interacts with her followers.

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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff/Credit: Audrey Roloff Instagram

The couple also promotes their Beating 50 Percent brand, which includes marriage journals.

Despite their influencer status, the former TLC stars have their fair share of haters. What did Audrey and Jeremy do now to rile the detractors?

Audrey & Jeremy Roloff blasted for disrespectful decision

As with many TLC reality stars, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are very religious people. As such, it’s not surprising that they observe Lent. However, what did surprise social media users was what the couple chose to give up for the 40-day period.

Audrey Roloff took to her Instagram Stories to share that she and Jeremy are giving up screentime “after 10 pm,” asking her followers to hold them accountable.

The reality star’s post ended up on the social media platform Reddit as people expressed their disbelief over the gesture. Many Redditors noted that the couple would likely be asleep by 10 p.m. anyway, meaning they aren’t really giving anything up.

One person wrote, “She’s the only one giving anything up. He’ll get his screen time in while she’s wrangling the kids all day and once she gets them to bed and cleans up it’ll be 10.”

LPBW fans have been calling Jeremy out for how little he seems to help Audrey with the kids. Another comment sarcastically asked, “Giving up screen time? What are they 2?”

People also took issue with Audrey and Jeremy observing Lent, which is a celebration of the Catholic Church. According to Redditors, the LPBW couple said in a blog post that they are Evangelical Christians.

Click here to read the entire thread on Reddit.

LPBW couple renovating vacation cabin

Aside from their social media influencer careers, the formerĀ LPBW stars have been renovating a vacation cabin. Jeremy shared an update on his Instagram of the hard work he’s been doing.

The Spring River Cabin is coming along!” he wrote before detailing the specific changes he’s made.

Credit: Jeremy Roloff/Instagram

Do you agree with the haters and Audrey and Jeremy’s Lent decision was disrespectful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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