Audrey Roloff Puts Baby Radley In Dangerous Situation

Former Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff is under fire for putting her son, Radley, in a dangerous situation. Fans are worried about the three-month-old baby after seeing what Audrey has been doing with the little guy. So, what happened, and what are fans worried about?

This isn’t the first time that Audrey’s parenting strategies have been questioned. She’s been called out in the past for letting her other children, Ember, 4, and Bode, 2, play near an open flame. Fans also expressed their concerns when she posted photos of her newborn sleeping with a heavy blanket. Plenty of other concerns have surfaced in the past as well.

Now, Audrey is facing backlash once again for putting her new baby in danger. Read on to get the full details.

Audrey Roloff, YouTube

Audrey Roloff is blasted for putting her baby in a dangerous situation.

On RedditLittle People, Big World fans reposted a couple of photos from Audrey Roloff’s Instagram stories. The mom to three shared a couple of short videos as she made bread in her kitchen. In the snaps, she has her baby boy strapped to her in a carrier. She was making dough, which she’s been doing a lot lately. In the picture below, however, you can see the haze of her essential oil diffuser in front of the camera.

LPBW fans are taking issue with this because not only are the oils getting right in her baby’s face, but they are also getting into the dough, it seems. One Reddit user writes, “I just watched this, it is so odd, why’s she so intensely making dough? And the plume of essential oils blowing on her?”

Another LPBW can somewhat understand what Audrey Roloff is doing, but they also see there are safety risks. The fan points out, “I love making dough, and I love wearing my baby. But I am far too paranoid that she will breathe in the flour. It’s a no from me!”

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Fortunately, it looks like Radley is okay so far. But fans wish Audrey Roloff would put the baby down or have her husband, Jeremy, take care of him so he isn’t exposed to the oils or the flour, which could be potentially harmful.

So, do you think this was a dangerous situation for Radley to be in? Or do you think it’s not a big deal? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about Audrey Roloff and the rest of the family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

Audrey “making dough” and blasting essential oils into the babies face
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