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‘Sister Wives’ Ysabel Brown Modeling Career In Future?

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Ysabel Brown has become a Sister Wives standout since her bout with scoliosis. Her surgery became one of the most talked-about moments of the last two seasons. Mainly because her father Kody did not want her to go due to the pandemic. He denied her pain and did not even join her, her mother Christine, and two sisters on the surgical journey. Now, she has truly come into herself and is posing everywhere she can possibly find. Standing at around 5’11, does the blonde beauty possibly have a future in modeling?

From Sister Wives To Independent Student

Ysabel Brown’s struggle was documented very early on. Viewers saw her as a thirteen-year-old struggling with scoliosis. She was diagnosed roughly at that age and was given many exercises to do in order to avoid surgery. Furthermore, the braces she was forced to wear hurt her so much, she often cried. Her life was not the norm for a girl her age who should be out with friends. Rather, she would go to school then come home and dedicate herself to her exercises. If the curve did not go down enough, she blamed herself.

Sister Wives Ysabel Brown
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Upon moving to Flagstaff from Vegas, it had gone over fifty degrees and the pain was unbearable. Luckily, her mom Christine was super proactive and found an amazing surgeon. He was located in New Jersey where Christine’s sister lived. Insurance was obtained and an appointment was made. Unfortunately, it was during the pandemic so Kody was adamantly against it. Christine did not care and proceeded anyway, refusing to let her baby suffer. Kody stayed behind despite Ysabel wanting him there.

Kody Brown and daughter
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Upon her return and ultimate recovery, she stood taller than her father and was ready for her new life. This included a tattoo to cover up her scar and an eventual move to North Carolina. There, she would live with her older sister, Maddie Brush, and attend college. However, she was also about to show off her assets and prove to the world she was more than just one of eighteen children.

Taking The Next Step?

Since she had the surgery, the Sister Wives daughter has been proudly showing off her body, something her father is probably not happy with. Ysabel showcased her scar in a black bikini and has taken to wearing low-cut sundresses and mini skirts. With her tall slim physique and long blonde hair, she is primed and ready for a modeling career. Especially now that she has no more back limitations.

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Recently, she posted a picture on Instagram of herself posing in the sun and her followers were quick to comment on her beauty. Sister Savanah, daughter of Kody’s second wife Janelle, had this to say: “I think you should become a model. You’ve got the legs for it.” Many followers wanted to know how she was doing since her surgery, which happened a year and a half ago. Others believe she is simply beautiful inside and out.

Can you see Ysabel as a model? Let us know in the comments.

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