Kody Brown Accuses Christine Of Using Ysabel’s Surgery For Vacation

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Kody Brown has had very strict COVID rules since the pandemic became even more intense. It has gotten to the point where he has alienated some of his children. They do not understand why he has to be so strict to the detriment of their relationships. One of his biggest issues is two out of his four wives do not follow his every guideline. He thinks they travel too much, especially Christine. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, he insinuated that Christine was using Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery as another vacation.

Kody Brown’s Way Or The Highway

During Season 15, COVID overtook the world. Being that the Browns are a plural family, they had to figure out exactly how to navigate the pandemic in a more abstract way. When they resided in Utah, everyone was under one roof. Obviously, it would have been far easier to quarantine together if that was the current living situation. Even the cul-de-sac life of Las Vegas could have worked for them to just go in and out of one another’s homes.

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Unfortunately, they had bought land in Flagstaff. However, it had yet to be built on so each wife went and got their own home. No one lived within a decent distance so they had a lot of autonomy. Kody did not know exactly what rules each wife was observing when it came to quarantine and staying home. He was the one who was rotating homes and did not want to be a carrier of the virus.

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Janelle had two boys who were very active. One son had a job and was still working every day, having to carry papers to get to work. The other was still seeing friends and had a girlfriend. She said she was following the CDC rules but admitted Kody was taking it to a whole other level. Meri had traveled slightly but, like Robyn, knew how to quarantine so they were trusted by Kody. As for Christine, she was seemingly on a whole other level. Kody was about to bring Ysabel’s surgery into Christine’s COVID negligence and it was not pretty.

Ysabel’s Surgery- Just Another Vacay?

When Kody Brown and the other wives came to say goodbye to Ysabel before she left for her scoliosis surgery in New Jersey, she was visibly sad. It will be about six to eight weeks before she can see her dad. She wishes he would step up and be with her during this time. In his mind, it is too risky to be away from the family for so long, and wishes she could wait for the pandemic to slow down. That’s just not feasible.

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Christine needed Kody to sign some medical releases and when she dared to get too close to him, he reminded her “six feet.” He started to tell the camera how she would travel a lot with her daughters. They flashback to the wives chatting about the process and how the girls will be coming for the surgery. Janelle says it will be like a mini-vacation, thanks to Ysabel. They note that they are just trying to make the best out of all of this.

No one was supposed to travel at the beginning of COVID but apparently, Christine did not listen. This hindered Kody’s ability to fully see his kids. He started to believe the reason Christine pushed so hard to get Ysabel the surgery was so she could get a vacation. It turned out Kody did not realize the extent of his daughter’s pain. In the end, it has worked out for the best because Christine really needed to get away from him for a while.

Do you think Kody Brown ever understood the extent of Ysabel’s pain? Let us know in the comments and don’t miss Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Cody is an ass! Meri is a fool. Janel is real. Christine is doing the right thing and Robin deserves Cody. He is an abuser.

  2. I don’t think he realizes anything or anyone outside of himself and Robin. It’s clear he doesn’t love or respect the other wives or Children outside of Robin’s.

    1. The fact that he couldn’t see the physical or the emotional pain his daughter is in speaks volumes about what an inadequate father he is. Gabriel is also in pain but Kody doesn’t seem to notice or care. He can’t claim that it’s because he had 18 kids he can’t devote time to each of them it was his descion to have that many. Just a few years ago he was pestering Robyn for another! Christine made the right decision, the others should follow.

  3. Cody makes me want to vomit! I’m so glad Christine finally came to her senses and got away from him. He’s a narcissistic moron! I just don’t under how Janelle continues to put up with him. She has always seemed like the most logical and intelligent one.

  4. Kody is a selfish jerk who should have been there for his daughter. It is very apparent he only cares about himself

  5. He contradicts himself, he first says she’s been traveling so much and doesn’t listen. Then says she’s just using it as an excuse for a vacation….. If she wanted to take another vacation or travel SHE WOULD, LIKE SHES BEEN DOING! She wouldn’t use her daughters pain as an excuse to travel. He’s trying to pin, acting like an ass and lashing out on Christine. I’m happy she left, their marriage has been having trouble before Robin and taking on another wife, while you have issues with 2 other wives, wasn’t smart at all. You fix what you have first! Robin was his mid life crisis and he puts her above everyone else, that’s his trophy wife.

  6. Kody is truly a selfish ass, he should be worried about his children’s feeling, and stop hurting them. The wives don’t need a man like him, excuse ,me he is not a real man. A real man would stand with his family and be there covid or not. Wear double masks if need be.

  7. Kody only loves Robyn always have and all his kids know that, no way he can have a plural family and only visit his other wives socially distant and not all the time. Robyn’s is the only functional marriage and that’s how he wants it.

    1. Amen! You said what I was thinking. He doesn’t deserve his first 3 wives, they are to good for him. He just wants to be with Robin. I’m happy that Christine has woke up to him and I hope the other 2 will follow soon.

  8. Kody is nothing but an emotionally abusive jackwagon. He sat there and had his daughter make him feel better about him abandoning her in her time of need. You could see she was ready to cry and needed a hug and he stood there with his hands in his pockets and said “see ya, have a nice trip”. How is this family not ashamed of themselves by this? Why didn’t the other “wives” not stand up and tell him he needed to go be with his child? They are all shameful

  9. Cody Brown is a dirt bag for a father who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I quit watching this show after the 13th season because it was getting boring, but I follow need just to see if any of these women have finally kicked him to the curb. Yay Christine was the first. Meri should follow suit, if she hasn’t already. Janelle is what she is and Robyn, well I hope she gets what she deserves. A loser guy who doesn’t take care of his kids. Does he even have a job?

  10. If Cody was a man and wants a relationship with Christine and his daughter, he’d rush to their sides. Cody is definitely favoring Robin and their family. Robin tries to play the goody goody….but she is in control. Robin always has a frown on her face, even when she smiles. Personally, I think they all need their heads examined to be in such a situation. Plural marriage…….I don’t think so.

  11. Kodys an idiot all he cares about is robyn and her kids they are made gor each other. He doesn’t realize his daughter is in so much pain or he just don’t care. I applaud christine for dumping his stupid ass meri and janelle needs to do the same thing. Let him stay with sour puss robyn she’s a real piece of crap

  12. Kody claims to be following the guidelines but he shared the pen with Christine to sign the paperwork. Glad she opened her eyes. She can handle being a free woman

  13. I don’t understand what these women think is so great about Kody.he is such a jerk.i would rather be alone,than to be with someone like him.come on ladies, kick him to the curb.you all can do much better than him . good luck

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