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Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares Unapologetic Look At Depression

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Kaitlyn Bristowe always shares how she’s feeling and what’s going on with her fans. Her latest post is a message to those who might not be feeling their best. She encouraged those with depression that it’s ok to just feel happy sometimes as well.

The former Bachelorette shared two very different photos of herself. One where she is wearing makeup and looking confidently at the camera, and one where she’s crying and having a rough time.

Kaitlyn has dealt with criticism since she and Tayshia Adams temporarily took over hosting for Chris Harrison. While some loved them and what they brought to the show, others thought they acted like schoolgirls giggling and being immature. She didn’t really care what they thought.

What Was Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Message?

Kaitlyn Bristowe posted, “People don’t understand how happiness and depression can exist simultaneously. I do.” She said look at the two pictures. The crying one from the morning and the second one a few hours later. Bristowe said, “This is what being hormonal looks like.”

Kaitlyn often looks happy and has a bubbly personality, but she wanted people to know there’s more going on under the surface. She said for some it’s circumstantial and for others, it’s a battle every day. Bristowe said she feels lucky knowing it will pass, but she wanted to send a virtual hug to anyone struggling with depression.

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She said you can choose to lie in bed or get up and do something, but either choice is okay. Kaitlyn also wanted to extend her love to the people in Ukraine and those with family there. Kaitlyn also shared a post that said, “It’s ok to be feeling every emotion right now.” The post included feeling thankful for the first signs of spring, heartbroken for the state of the world, and scared for the future. A lot of people can relate to that right now.

Fans Showed Their Support On Social Media

Kaitlyn Bristowe got a lot of support from her followers, and some thanked her for sharing. One commenter said, “Can definitely relate and I think it’s so important people talk openly about this.” Another said, “You are a real human and I love you for it. A true gem.” A third agreed and posted, “A great message with so much truth, Thanks for sharing. One day at a time.”

She’s currently on tour with Dancing With The Stars and posted the above video with a Kardashian’s voiceover talking about her ailments. She captioned it, “Not to be dramatic but 3 dances a night really takes a toll on me.” While the video is funny, her schedule sounds exhausting.

Click here to read more about her and Tayshia’s hosting gig. What do you think about Kaitlyn’s relatable post? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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