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Nick Viall Feuds With Reality Star After Explosive Interview

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Former Bachelor Nick Viall never keeps his opinion to himself. That’s especially true for other members of the reality television community. Recently he interviewed Love is Blind star Deepti Vampati, or Deeps, as she’s known by fans of the show.

On his podcast, Nick often tells his guests exactly what he thinks. Warning, if you’ve not finished Love Is Blind, then don’t read on.

Who Did Nick Viall Start A Feud With?

On his podcast, Nick Viall interviewed Deeps about her time on Love Is Blind. In Season 2 of the show, she fell in love with one of the men in the pods. Abhishek Chatterjee who is also known as Shake put a lot of importance on looks during the show. He did get engaged but maintained he wasn’t attracted to his partner.

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When interviewing Deeps, Nick got into her relationship with Shake and how everything panned out. She went on to the podcast right before the reunion was available for streaming. According to Monsters and Critics, now that she has been watching the show, she saw what he was really like. The things he said about her behind her back that are now coming to light made her want completely out.

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At the end of the show, they didn’t get married. Shake said no and ended things. Deeps said before she watched everything, she’d wanted to be friends. She doesn’t feel that way anymore. Deeps said his true character was revealed.

What Did Nick Say To Shake?

After Nick Viall’s interview with Deeps, Shake commented on his Instagram. He said by here saying she saw his character that Deeps meant he “went back to dating my usual type. Like what were you expecting?” He reminded her she said no to the marriage too. Of course, he was going to post pictures with other girls.

This comment didn’t sit well with Nick who corrected him. He said, “no she means your complete lack of self-awareness that you so perfectly demonstrate with this comment. Learn how to take an L.” Shake responded again saying, “suck it, Nick.”

The feud was just getting warmed up. Nick posted a video response that told him to learn some humility. He thinks it would get him a better response from his audience.

Deeps Is Better Off Without Shake In Her Life

Deeps said Shake wouldn’t tell her to her face he wasn’t attracted to her, but she didn’t think they had chemistry. She also didn’t appreciate the fact he talked to the others and she has heard the mean things he said from her fellow cast members.

What do you think about the feud between Shake and Nick? Do you think Shake could use some humility? Watching Love is Blind, did you think they would make it? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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