Clayton Echard’s Prediction For The Two Most Popular ‘BIP’ Ladies

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Could Clayton Echard be a matchmaker? He thinks so. Clayton’s time as The Bachelor is coming to an end. Fans are looking forward to a new season of Bachelor in Paradise. The show, set on the beach, has produced some of the fans’ favorite couples.

Anyone can show up on Paradise. They proved that with a former Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin, coming on the scene last season. There’s also a lot more drama and a fun bartender, Wells Adams.

Clayton thinks at least two of the ladies he sent home will be on the show. He also thinks they will be the most sought after. Read on for his predictions and who he thinks would be good for them.

Who Does Clayton Echard Think Will Be On BiP?

Clayton Echard revealed to the Click Bait podcast he thinks very highly of Teddi Wright and Serene Russell. According to Bachelor Nation, Clayton thinks they are both incredible. He said he thought Teddi would go to the end at one point because they had such a strong connection

Serene Russell
Serene Russell, YouTube

Natasha Parker asked him who he’d set the girls up with if he could from Michelle’s season. He revealed he was in touch with the guys and that’s how he knows for sure Teddi and Serene would be sought after. Echard said their names come up the most in conversations. He stated they’d “have their hands full in a good way.” Clayton wants everyone to be happy from his season.

Teddi Wright, Youtube
Teddi Wright, Youtube

Clayton said he talks to Brandon most of all but he also talks to Rodney. He stated while he’d love to hook his friends up, that’s not how it works. He says he got a slap on the hand and had to quit trying to “put bugs in people’s ears.”

What Do The Girls Think Of Paradise?

At least one of Clayton Echard’s girls has given BIP some thought. According to Screen Rant Teddi also thought she’d be going to the end with Clayton. The elimination shocked her. On Bachelor Happy Hour, she said she’d be open to going to the beach.

She’d want to meet Andrew Spencer who is from Katie Thurston’s season, Ben Smith from Tayshia’s season, Brandon Jones from Michelle Young’s season, and Rodney Mathews. She recently met Rodney Mathews and found him to be very cute. Rodney is also from Michelle Young’s season. Teddi said she believes love can be found on the show. That’s if you meet the right person, but BIP gives you more time with the person you’d like a relationship with.

What do you think about Clayton’s predictions? Would those two be girls you’d be happy to find love by the sea? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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