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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ 2022 Update: Where Is Sharis Alldredge Now?

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Seeking Sister Wife has become another one of TLC’s reality polygamist guilty pleasures.  It follows a handful of couples as they search for a new wife to add on to their family. Some have already established relationships while there are those who are newbies to the scene. The Alldredge’s were a well-established plural family seeking to court a new wife with very little luck. Though they did not appear in Season 3, fans were able to keep up with their journey via a Facebook page. So, what has wife number three, Sharis been up to? She apparently has been a pretty busy woman.

The Alldredge Family Join Seeking Sister Wife

They are one of the original families from Season 1 but did not find a third wife to join their family. So, the Alldredges returned for Season 2. There, they were speaking with a young woman named Jennifer. She seemed to be a great prospect. Jeff’s two wives, Vanessa and Sharis really got along with her despite never meeting her in person. They would video chat and she seemed extremely invested in joining a plural marriage. She also appeared to vibe very well with Jeff but they had to coordinate a time to meet.

Seeking Sister Wife Alldredges
Seeking Sister Wife | TLC

This process proved daunting but finally, everything worked out. Jeff went on a solo date with Jennifer and they had great chemistry. Oddly enough, she got an emergency call midway through the date and had to leave. Once she exited, everything went south. It was really hard to connect with her. When they did, she was supposedly in the hospital and then she died. By the time they did the tell-all, she was very much alive. The deceit was really hard for the family to handle.

Why No Third Season And Where’s Sharis Now?

They did not return for another season but only because they had found a new wife. In 2020, Jeff married Donna and brought her daughter along for the ride. Around a year later, they released a statement sharing that the marriage had ended. Apparently, they would have returned for Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife but the family was not happy with the direction the series was taking. The wives stood by their husband’s decisions and have clearly been through a lot since their departure. So, what has Sharis been occupying her time with?

Seeking Sister Wife Credt: The Alldredge Family IG
Credt: The Alldredge Family IG

Screen Rant has been keeping up with Sharis and the family so here are the exciting details. She is the primary writer of their family Facebook page when they post though it is not as consistent since Donna departed. Sharis also welcomed another baby to the family after sharing she was expecting in October 2020. She clearly loves being a mother and keeping a happy home. The family also made a big move to South Dakota from Utah where they feel it is “safer” and “friendlier.”

Credit: The Alldredge Family Facebook

Finally, Sharis spends a lot of time on the family farm. This suits her perfectly as she grew up on a farm so she is in her element. Since they have not had much luck with their previous courtships, fans would not mind seeing them again if a Season 4 were to come about. The big question is: would they return? That is something the family has yet to reveal. Would you like to see them again on Seeking Sister Wife? Let us know in the comments.

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