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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ News: The Alldredge Family Adds a New Wife to the Family

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Fans of Seeking Sister Wife are sad that this show hasn’t come back for another season on TLC. So far, there has been no word of another season filming either. It turns out that the Alldredge family found love after the show, though. On the show, Jeff Alldredge has two wives, Vanessa and Sharis. Now, he has a third wife.

Alldredge family adds a third wife

The Alldredge family went to their Facebook page to share about the new wife in their family along with photos. You can see the post below.

As you can see, they didn’t just add a new wife to the family. They also added a new daughter who came along with her. This looks like a great addition to their family. Donna and her beautiful daughter, Evelyn have already joined their family.

The family hasn’t even shared on their Instagram since 2019. The last post they had on Facebook was clear back in January. They were able to keep that Donna was joining their family a secret. It is unknown if this is part of the reason that they were so quiet on social media or not.

Their last post before this in January apologized for being away. It said, “Hi everyone! I apologize for just disappearing like that. Homeschool and Holidays have a way of taking up every single second of every single day. I barely have time to take pictures, let alone put them on social media.
Hopefully, with all the holidays behind me, I can find more time to keep you up to date with our family as there is a lot of cool stuff about to happen! 😁😏
Thank you for your patience. I will now attempt to go back in time and bring you up to speed. Enjoy the pictures.”

Things didn’t work out on the show

If you watched Seeking Sister Wife, you know that the Alldredge family tried to add a third wife. They had a girl come out to meet them, but things didn’t work out. It looked like she might not be in it for the right reasons. Luckily, this didn’t make them stop their hunt for love.

For now, it doesn’t look like Seeking Sister Wife will return. You can always watch new seasons of Sister Wives on TLC when it comes back for more. So far, it doesn’t look like the Brown family will be adding a new wife to their family.

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