‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ — Will Cell Return?

Dragon Ball Z - YouTube

As more and more details regarding Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero become available, fans of the DBZ franchise speculate which characters will and won’t make an appearance. As we previously reported with the release of the first trailer, Gohan and Piccolo seem to have major roles as protectors of the Earth. According to Comic Book, one big speculation from fans is whether we would see Cell return.

Speculation swirls: Will Cell return?

With the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Herofans will see the return of the Red Ribbon Army. If the name escapes you, this was an evil organization that challenged Goku and his friends back in the 80s during the original Dragon Ball. 

During Dragon Ball Z, fans watched the Red Ribbon Army get revenge using Dr. Gero and his androids. With Red Ribbon returning once more for the movie Super Hero, fans can’t help but wonder if this means we will see Cell return once more. Most fans of the Dragon Ball universe would agree Cell was one of the more evil and difficult bad guys that Goku and his friends went up against.

Dragon Ball Z - YouTube
Dragon Ball Z – YouTube

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer fuels speculation

Turns out, the drop of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer has only added more fuel to the speculation that Cell could make a comeback. While the trailer was brief and in Japanese, a screenshot of a mysterious machine that popped up in the trailer really got fans of Dragon Ball talking.

Turns out, so many Dragon Ball Super fans have been talking about the movie alongside the return of Cell that they’ve actually caused it to trend a bit on Twitter. This actually caused some fans to get upset as they thought the trend was because of some sort of leak.


Not everyone, however, wants to see Cell return as a bad guy for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Some fans argue it would be lazy for them to recycle an old bad guy as opposed to bringing in someone new. One other theory fans have is that a new android (Android 21) will be introduced instead.

Would you like to see the return of Cell in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Do you think a new android might get introduced instead? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on the newest installment in the Dragon Ball franchise.

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