‘Sister Wives’ Fans Find Perfect Accessory For Sobyn Robyn Brown

Sister Wives fans claim they found the perfect accessory for “Sobyn Robyn Brown.” She was given the nickname after she’s cried so much on the show. Some fans don’t buy her tears as real. They think that she’s trying to look good amid Kody Brown’s strained relationships with her fellow sister wives.

In the current season, Robyn broke down in tears over her complicated relationship with Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown. It became clear that Kody favors his newer wife over the others. He even stayed with her during the coronavirus pandemic. In the second installment of the “Tell-All” episodes, Robyn says she finds it hard to find her place within the family.

Sobyn Robyn slammed for saying, “I hate crying”

For the first time ever, the cast of TLC’s Sister Wives had individual interviews to speak out about the events that unfolded in Season 16. Robyn Brown claimed, “I hate crying.” However, she did a lot of crying this season alone. Sister Wives fans don’t buy it and think she cries only to save face.

The teaser trailer for the Sister Wives Season 16 “Tell-All” dropped on January 29. In one scene, Robyn Brown spoke to host Sukanya Krishnan about the issues within the family. She claims that she initially didn’t see any problems with Kody’s marriages until the pandemic happened.

Sister Wives Fans Slam Sobyn Robyn Brown [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]
“In the beginning, I didn’t think that. I thought this would go away eventually. Look how far we are into it, and it still hasn’t stopped,” Robyn Brown said before sobbing and adding, “I hate crying.”

“It’s painful,” the Sister Wives star explained. “The family unit got thrown out the window because of the virus. It surprised and shocked me.”

Sister Wives fans flipped over Sobyn Robyn’s fake tears and her claims that she doesn’t like to cry. They feel that she whimpers too much. In fact, some of the fans are still speaking on that to this day. They feel that she should wear this fashion accessory.

Sister Wives fans have the perfect accessory

On Wednesday, March 2, one Sister Wives fan took the subreddit to post a funny meme. It shows a man wearing toilet paper earrings and wiping his tears. It also includes a photo of Sobyn Robyn. The meme reads: “Earrings for people who cry very easily.” Check out the hilarious meme for yourself here and let us know your thoughts.

“Sobyn needs these asap,” the fan wrote. Other fans shared their thoughts in the thread. While they find the meme funny, they don’t think Robyn’s tears are genuine. Others feel like they could use these earrings right about now.

  • “She has the ugly cry face but lacks any real tears.”
  • “They’d be pointless, she’s never cried an actual tear.”
  • “Yes she has never shed a tear she doesn’t need them.”
  • “New merch for My Sisterwife’s Closet!”
  • “I could use these this week/month/year tbh.”

Sister Wives Star Cries Too Much [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]
What are your thoughts on Sobyn Robyn? Do you think she could use this fashion accessory? Do you think she cries too much? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Robyn took Mary’s legitimate marriage away under the idiotic custody of her kids issues.
    It’s evident Robyn is the thorn in this family ,she became queen bee and the only one with marital intamacy.
    I don’t care for her at all in anyway.

    1. She needs to see a medical Doctor, Her neck looks swollen, like thyroid or heart trouble. I hope Kiodyb sees this post and saves his favorite wife. I think she has a grave medical issue.

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