‘Sister Wives’ Sobyn Robyn Brown: ‘I Don’t Like Crying’

Robyn Brown - YouTube TLC

Sister Wives star Sobyn Robyn Brown really lived up to her nickname during Part 1 of the three-part Tell-All when she busted into tears during her one-on-one interview. What really sent Sister Wives fans was Sobyn Robyn Brown proceeding to tell Sukanya Krishnan that she did not like to cry. Hysterical, the Sister Wives star says “I don’t like crying” while wiping the tears from her face with a tissue handed to her by production.

Sister Wives fans admit to falling out of their seats when hearing Sobyn Robyn claim she did not like crying. Fans were quick to take to every social media platform they could to point out that Robyn cried an awful lot on the series for someone who suddenly didn’t like crying.

Robyn Brown TLC
Robyn – TLC – Twitter

Fans aren’t buying that Sobyn Robyn doesn’t like crying

On Twitter, one Sister Wives fan noted Sobyn Robyn Brown does an awful lot of crying for someone who doesn’t like to cry. The fan proceeded to call Robyn a “fraud” and talked about how she destroyed the family. The fan added that Robyn was a “virus” that invaded the family in a worse way than COVID ever could.

On Facebook, fans agree that they are hard-pressed to find an episode of Sister Wives that doesn’t feature Robyn Brown breaking into tears at least once. Fans, however, add that this is why she was given the name Sobyn Robyn.

On Twitter, another fan admitted they tuned into the Tell-All just knowing it was only a matter of time before Robyn Brown started crying.

Robyn Brown via YouTube 2
Robyn Brown via YouTube 2

Her tears are a hot topic on Reddit

Over on Reddit, there are tons of threads on the Sister Wives subreddit with Sobyn Robyn Brown as the title of the thread. There are tons of screenshots of Robyn’s face twisted as she cries for the camera. Fans, however, question if the tears are even real.

Fans argue that Robyn Brown is an actress and she does a good job playing a victim for the camera. They claim her tears are nothing more than crocodile tears. Fans note if you look close enough you can see her face twist and she wipes her eyes, but there are rarely any actual tears to wipe away.

Did you fall out of your chair when you heard Sobyn Robyn Brown say she doesn’t like to cry? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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  1. Robyn and Cody are the fakest couple on earth. Cody hides behind his religion and uses it when its convenient for him. Like he said its all an act. Neither of them of good parents, they are just names on the poor kids birth certificate. if feel so bad for all the kids in this family. Sorry but Robyn only cares about herself. Not one single tear for that dramatic drama queen. Hey now they can both live happily ever after being BROKE!! Hahahahah you egotistical morons!

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