Robyn Brown NOT Only Reason Kody & Christine Crumbled?

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Robyn Brown is the target of all the blame as the reason Kody and Christine’s relationship crumbled. Even Kody and Christine’s son Paedon went on record saying his father found a soulmate in Robyn. Paedon admitted that he couldn’t blame his father for giving his whole heart to Robyn and throwing the rest of his relationships to the wind. While none of Kody’s children want to embrace the polygamist lifestyle… Paedon added that if he was dating multiple women and found his soulmate he would only want to be with his soulmate just like his father.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Kody Brown Youtube

Even with all of this information in mind, is Robyn Brown the only one to blame for Kody and Christine’s relationship crumbling? Robyn claims she wanted the polygamy lifestyle. She wanted sister wives. During Season 16, Robyn outright told her sister wives she had better choices than Kody if she wanted a monogamous relationship.

Recent chatter on Reddit reveals Robyn Brown might not be the only reason Kody and Christine crumbled. Was there something else that doomed this relationship? Keep reading for the details.

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The source of his rage also ended his marriage?

As we previously reported, fans believe they unearthed the real reason Kody Brown has such rage monster behavior. Fans noted that a few seasons ago Kody started to dabble in testosterone supplements. Fans suspect the side effects of this decision slowly caused him to unravel. Sister Wives fans believe Kody’s decision to take these supplements slowly turned him into a monster.

Christine Brown never really fell out of love with Kody. She loved him. She wanted him. But, what she wanted more than anything was to be wanted and loved by him. This was something he seemed to struggle to give to anyone other than just Robyn. Fans speculate a combination of aging and his decision to take testosterone supplements caused him to spiral to a place where he just didn’t have enough to give to four different wives.

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Could things have been different for Kody and Christine Brown?

Sister Wives fans speculate that if Kody Brown hadn’t started taking these supplements and becoming so completely unhinged that things might’ve ended up being very different between him and all of his wives. Perhaps he would even have love to give to more than just Robyn.

Do you think Kody Brown taking testosterone supplements played a factor in his relationship with Christine crumbling? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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