Robyn Brown Bullies Children Of Kody’s Other Wives?

Robyn Brown Youtube

During the latest season of Sister Wives, fans saw Robyn Brown getting pretty protective of her children. She claimed that she and her children were never really welcomed into the family. She believed there was a distance between her children and the rest of the family. Likewise, Robyn had great sadness in the fact that her daughter Ari didn’t know the names of all her siblings.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Youtube

On Reddit, Internet sleuths dug up some old clips of Robyn Brown. The clips revealed Robyn Brown was actually a bit of a bully to the children of Kody Brown’s other wives. With this information in mind, fans note it isn’t too much of a surprise that Robyn was not welcomed into the family with open arms. Kody Brown’s other wives make it no secret how deeply they love their children. Both Christine and Janelle did not hesitate to put their children. In fact, Christine did it so much so that she ended up leaving Kody.

How did Robyn Brown bully the children of Kody’s other wives? Keep reading for the details.

Robyn Brown Reddit

What did Robyn Brown do to bully Kody’s other children?

In Season 14, Robyn Brown called some of Kody’s other children jerks. In the comments of the Reddit thread where this old clip was discussed, fans question how Robyn would feel if Kody got a new wife and she called Robyn’s children jerks. Likewise, how would Robyn feel if Kody got a new wife and suddenly stopped giving her children any attention because he started another family with the new wife?

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Sister Wives fans are disgusted by Robyn’s constant attempt to play the victim card and believe she’s oblivious to how much damage she actually caused to this family.

One frustrated fan penned: “Robyn calls the kids jerks because they’re upset their dad is spending more time with Robyn and her kids. Any normal child would be upset about this and its the parents job to rectify it not the kids!”

Meri Brown seems to be close to Robyn’s children

Despite the victim card Robyn plays in the series, Meri Brown paints a different picture on social media. She has shared photos of herself with Ari and Solomon a few different times. While Meri doesn’t post about her family often, she seems to make time for Robyn’s young children.

Meri Brown Instagram
Meri Brown Instagram

What are your thoughts on Robyn Brown calling Kody’s other children jerks? Do you think her being cast aside by the family was understandable? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives.

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  1. Go back to when she first got into the family. She is on the couch bullying Maddie over a Christian youth group. She has a long history of bullying, and crying.

  2. He let’s her by with this junk! His other kids didn’t have nannies, but Robyn’s and his need one! What kind of parent can he be called? I feel sorry for all his children! Robyn can’t quit whinning long enough to be a mother! They deserve each other!! But where is the money coming from??

    1. The other wives are working to support Kody, Robyn, their kids and the Nanny. Do they think we can’t see the big picture?!!!!???

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