‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ 2022: Review And Rating


Back in 1974, director Tobe Hooper set out to the heat and humidity of the Texas sun to make a film. Along with him, Hooper brought a cast and crew who, despite the harsh conditions, completed one of the most influential horror films in history. A total of nine films have been released in the franchise, resulting in mixed reviews from critics and fans. In 2022, the latest entry in the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ has been released via Netflix.

Behind the Madness

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 was directed by David Blue Garcia, only his second feature, from a screenplay written by Chris Thomas Delvin. The biggest name attached to the project was Fede Alvarez, director of ‘Don’t Breathe’ and the ‘Evil Dead’ remake. Alvarez co-wrote the story and was also a producer on the project. Ryan and Andy Tohill were originally tapped to direct but were replaced after a week into shooting due to “creative differences.”

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ 2022: Quick Summary

The ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise has multiple timelines so it’s often difficult to know where to begin. Much like ‘Halloween’ 2018, the newest TCM entry scraps the sequels and remakes and links directly to the original. The film begins with a group of late teens who plan to turn the nearly abandoned town of Harlow, Texas into a gentrified community. The remaining locals aren’t too keen with their plans, especially Leatherface who has been in near isolation for decades.

The main character is Lila, played by Elsie Fisher, a survivor of a school shooting who is on edge due to her fear. After Lila’s friends put pressure on an elderly woman to leave her home, the lady passes away. We find out she was the head of an orphanage, with Leatherface as the last holdover. Leatherface is triggered by her passing and unleashes his carnage on those who dared to enter his world again.

With a run time of 83 minutes, the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ offering for 2022 is tightly paced and to the point. It doesn’t waste time on any unnecessary storytelling, which is part of its appeal. Lila is easily the most relatable as we watch her grow from timid to a badass final girl in less than 90 minutes. There are other characters that stand out, for good or bad, with the latter often meeting their demise in impressive fashion. That takes us to our two legacy characters.

‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ 2022: Legacy Characters

Leatherface, played by Mark Burnham, fuses together the performance by Gunner Hansen in the original with his own flavor to provide audiences with one of the best takes on the character in history. Leatherface just wants to be left alone and will stop at nothing to ensure that is the case. The carnage created by Leatherface through his movements and tone is memorable, to say the least.

The other legacy character is the final girl Sally Hardesty, played by Olwen Foure. Foure takes over for original actress Marylyn Burns who passed away back in 2014. Many have accused the new TCM of ripping off ‘Halloween’ 2018 by returning a legacy character.

While on the surface that can’t be denied, Sally’s involvement in the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is much different. Where ‘Halloween’ 2018 uses Laurie Strode as the central character point in the story, TCM inserts Hardesty as a motivational tool for Lila. Hardesty has roughly 15 minutes of screen time before she is met with her demise at the hands of Leatherface. Hardesty gets one final shot off at her foe, while warning Lila not to run but rather face her fears. Hardesty’s involvement has been met with criticism but should be given another look before judgment is placed.


The blood and gore are mostly done with practical effects, as the CGI is kept to a minimum. From a snapped arm to a chainsaw massacre on a bus, the kills should be enough to satisfy even the most jaded horror fans. The overall feel and sound of the film are of much importance as the plot and character details. The cinematography by Ricardo Diaz creates an eerie backdrop to a film that deserves more credit. Colin Stetson provides the score which matches the sense of dread that we witness with our eyes. The song “Bullet Sheilds” that plays over the end credits is one that should be added to any horror playlist.

Final Rating

From the opening scene introduced by John Larroquette, the narrator of the original, the tone is set. However, it isn’t until the first kill of the movie that we have to buckle up our cinematic seatbelts. From that moment, the ride through the town of Harlow until the shocking conclusion had me sitting up in awe. Make sure to stick around after the credits for a hint of a potential sequel. 4 out of 5 stars.

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